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December 9, 2016

MuiryXmas2016 — Christmas Greeting Gram Contest!

Here's your chance to guarantee that you get the gear you want this Christmas!

You can win a $50, $100, or even a $300 gift card to! Share a "Christmas Greeting 'Gram" on Instagram featuring longboarding to join in! Be sure to tag us (@MuirSkate) and #MuiryXmas2016 to be "officially" entered* into the contest.

We'll be selecting the winners on December 24th, and announcing them via our Instagram feed on December 25th! (This means the deadline to post your 'Gram is December 23rd!)

If you have any questions, please ask away! Reply to this post or hit us up on Instagram!

*Your feed/posts will need to be public in order for us to see your 'Gram.

This contest is open to everyone from everywhere! (Some of our contest are US-only, but we're goin' global for this one!)

November 15, 2016

MuirSkate's "Final Exam" — Winter 2016

MuirSkate "Final Exam" Contest Details

Students of steeze: Here's how you could win a brand new complete longboard skateboard! Take our "Final Exam" and mail in a Scantron for grading and a chance to win one of (3) of our new MuirSkate "Mini Dino" Completes!

In case that's not descriptive enough for you, here's a step-by-step process for winning a new complete longboard skateboard!

Step 1
Fantasize about your new board!

Step 2
Buy a Scantron. (Not sure where to get one? Try a college bookstore! Or any bookstore!)

Step 3
Locate the PDF featuring our 25 Final Exam Questions!
(Hint: Click the link above!)
((Double-Hint: Print the PDF for authentic test-taking vibes!))

Step 4
Do your research (via our YouTube channel, Instagram account, our blog, etc…) and fill in your Scantron with the appropriate answers!

Step 5
Mail us your completed Scantron, and if you get all the answers right then you're entered to win! (See full details in the PDF linked via Step 3!)

Mail your completed Scantron here:
Final Exam c/o MuirSkate
8601 Production Ave,
San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Don't procrastinate!
Entries must be received by December 18th, 2016 at 11:59pm!

If you have a mailing address inside the United States, you can enter the MuirSkate Final Exam Contest. All contest prizes will STRICTLY be mailed to an address located in the USA. If you are located outside the USA, you must provide an address to a local freight forwarder, friend, or family member.  

Email us!

July 10, 2016

Skateboarding Laws & Regulations in San Diego, CA

Read About Skateboarding and Longboarding Laws and Regulations in San Diego, California.

San Diego, California has been a popular city in the skateboard scene since the mid-1970s and since the city’s first skateboarding park opened to the public in Carlsbad in 1976. The city offers many skateboarding venues, including skate parks that are operated by San Diego Parks and Recreation. Many skateboarding companies and professional skateboarders have called San Diego their home throughout the years.

While San Diego may be one of the go-to places for skateboarding, there are several laws and regulations involving the sport that one has to consider. Here are the vehicle codes as they pertain to skateboards in Southern California and San Diego. 

Here are State of California skateboarding laws:
  • Anyone who is younger than 18 shall not operate a skateboard or be as a passenger on one while traveling on a street, bikeway, public bicycle path, or trail unless the individual is wearing properly fitted and fastened helmet the standards of either the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), or standards subsequently established by those entities.
  • Any helmet that is available for sale for use by anyone operating or acting as a passenger of a skateboard, in-line or roller skates, any safety helmet shall be conspicuously labeled in accordance to constitute the manufacturer's certification that the helmet conforms to the applicable safety standards.
  • No one shall be permitted to sell for use by an operator or passenger of a skateboard any safety helmet which is not of a type meeting safety requirements.
City ordinances in San Diego that pertain to skateboarding:
  • It is unlawful for any person riding on roller skates or by means of a skateboard or similar device to go upon an open roadway in the City of San Diego, or upon the sidewalk or public plaza in any business district, or upon any inclined surface area of any City–owned or privately owned parkade where signs forbidding such activity are displayed at the ground level elevator entrance and at each vehicular entrance to the parkade.
  • Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., it is unlawful for any person riding on or by means of a skateboard or similar device to go upon: “any portion of public rights–of–way within the Mission Beach community, any portion of the most westerly public walkway between San Diego Place on the south and Law Street on the north, known as Ocean Front Walk or Ocean Boulevard, or to go upon the public walkway immediately adjacent to the bay extending from the Mission Beach community, around Sail Bay, through Crown Point Shores.”
  • Any person riding on a skateboard on any sidewalk or right of way not open to public vehicular traffic shall exercise due care and shall yield the right of way to pedestrians.
  • No person shall go on a skateboard on any sidewalk or right of way not open to public vehicular traffic at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent having due regard for pedestrian traffic and in no event at a speed.
  • Except for school–sanctioned events authorized by a school site administrator, no person shall ride any skateboard, roller– blade, roller–skate or similar type device on any property owned by any school district which has a policy prohibiting such use, and displays a sign at the main entrance to the property informing visitors of the policy.
Skate parks are unsupervised, but are open daily. All skate parks are open from 10 a.m. until dusk daily, except for Carmel Valley, which is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. 

Skateboarding Rules as they apply to San Diego Skate Parks 
  • Any child younger than 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian when at the skate park. 
  • Skaters must be in full safety gear in order to use the skate park. This means helmets, knee pads and elbow pads designed for skateboarding. 
  • Only skateboards, roller skates, roller-blades, and in-line skates are permitted in skate parks. No other devices or equipment is permitted in the facility. 
  • Any spectators or visitors who are not skating must stay outside the fenced area. 
  • No alcohol, smoking, food, drink, or glass containers are permitted inside the skate park. 
  • Graffiti and littering in the skate park are prohibited. 
  • Any unauthorized jumps, obstacles, or ramps are prohibited inside and outside the skate park.
  • Animals are not allowed in the skate park. 
Skateboarding laws are subject to change, so it is important to periodically check for the latest regulations.

This Article was created by Bryan Mac Murray of Personal Injury Help, an organization that helps provide information after accidents and injuries. To learn more, visit their website here

June 10, 2015

MuirSkate x Sector 9 Dropper MSX Artwork Design Contest

We’re big fans of collaboration around here! Collaboration in the longboarding and downhill skateboarding scenes allow us to grow as a community and as individual skaters. Without getting too sappy about all this collaboration goodness, we’re gonna jump right in to letting you know that we’re running an Artwork Design Contest with our friends at Sector 9 Skateboards! We’ve called upon the Sector 9 crew to produce a limited number of special edition Dropper MSX decks made exclusively for MuirSkate! Being that we spend the majority of our time on our boards (and assembling yours!) we figured it would be best to let a fellow skater and/or artist handle the graphical goodness on our behalf! This is where you come in; We need a graphic! There’s no official “prompt” for this graphic contest, but (as always) we’re lookin’ for something rad, bold, and exciting to slap on this deck! The only graphical requirement we’ve got for this contest is that the MuirSkate & Sector 9 logos must be present in all submissions. (You’ll get “bonus points” for incorporating the logos in a creative/natural way!) That’s a large enough “wall of text” for now… Read on for the specific details of this contest!

The MuirSkate x Sector 9 Dropper MSX Artwork Design Contest has already begun and ends at 11:59pm PST on July 10th!

Selecting the Winner: The Sector 9 crew will select one winning design for this contest. In addition to seeing his or her own artwork on the Dropper MSX Deck, the creator of the winning graphic will receive a Dropper MSX complete with Gullwing Reverse trucks and 65mm Matt K Signature wheels along with two Dropper MSX decks. (Gotta have a backup and one to hang over the mantle, right?!)
Create your artwork by following all of the steps listed below:

  1. Check out the Dropper template to get a feel for the shape. (The file is "" in the contest download pack!)
  2. Get to work creating your masterpiece!
    1. If you work digitally, you can start right away in the Illustrator file or import it into Photoshop! (Just make sure to create your file at 300dpi!) Be sure that your artwork fills the entire "oval" space in the Dropper template to ensure proper coverage!
    2. If you prefer to work in the “analog” fashion (on paper), you may want to print out the template at 100% so you know just how much space you’re working with. (And when you scan it back in, be sure to scan it at the highest resolution possible so that you can have a crispy 300dpi final file!) Be sure that your artwork fills the entire "oval" space in the Dropper template to ensure proper coverage!
  3. Take whatever additional steps are necessary to ensure that your file is print ready upon submission. (This means separating the color layers if you’ve created your piece on paper and scanned it back into a Photoshop document… It could take a while depending on your comfort level, so get started sooner than later!) Be sure that your artwork fills the entire "oval" space in the Dropper template to ensure proper coverage!
Submit your artwork by following all of the steps listed below:
  1. Email your full-res artwork (see technical guidelines below) as an attachment or via a DropBox/WeTransfer/GoogleDrive link to with “Dropper MSX by [your name]” in the subject line.
  2. Share your artwork via Instagram, tag @MuirSkate and @Sector9, and include the hashtag #MSxS9Dropper. (Note: This is not a “voting by likes” contest. Sharing your artwork via Instagram is intended to share the stoke with the community at large and will help us speed up the selection process!)
  3. Wait patiently until the winner is announced on July 17th!

Technical guidelines:

  • MuirSkate & Sector 9 logos must be present in all submissions. You’ll get “bonus points” for incorporating the logos in a creative/natural way! (All necessary logo files can be found in the contest download pack.)
  • Artwork submissions must make use of the “Dropper” template included in contest download pack.
  • Artwork must be submitted as a PRINT READY .PSD (Photoshop) or .AI (Illustrator) file at 300dpi. (A design that requires a lot of work to become “print ready” will be disqualified.)
  • There is no limit to the number of colors that may be used!
  • Multiple submissions are OK!

The MuirSkate x Sector 9 Dropper MSX Artwork Design Contest

ends at 11:59pm PST on July 10th!

(All submissions must be received in our inbox before this time!)

November 21, 2014

Announcing Version 4.0

It's here! Version 4.0 just launched, and we're super stoked to get it in front of you for the holidays.

"But Marc, the site kinda looks the same! What gives?"

That's right, we kept our super awesome paint job, but changed a whole bunch under the hood. This new system makes it possible for us to build really neat features for you. Right now, only a few of the new goodies are turned on, so we can rev the engine before stepping on the gas.

"Okay, so what's new?"

  • If you use a Retina or high-resolution display (like an iPhone 6 or the new iMac) then you'll see beautiful pictures all over the place.
  • Responsive Layout: the site looks better than ever on mobile devices.
  • Checkout now lets you save your billing and shipping address for easier ordering.
  • Want to use PayPal but ship to a different address? Now you can!
  • Want to use your credit card for an international order? You can do that too!
  • Plenty more is coming soon, but we don't want to spill the beans just yet.

"I think I found a bug."

Doh! Please tell us about it! Send an email to to let us know what's up.
We've put a lot of time into this new site, but we're still just a small team of skaters. If you find something that slipped through the cracks, we'd love your help tracking it down. We'll even throw an extra treat into your next order for helping us out.

"Where's my order history from the old site?"

On its way! Importing all that old data takes a while. In the mean time, if you have a question about your order, just send us an email or give us a call. We're here to help.

"Wow, this new site is pretty cool. Great job!"

Thanks! Make sure to tell Scott. There's still so much more to do, and we think you'll like what we have coming. Speaking of which, back to work!

-Marc @ MuirSkate

November 20, 2014

MuirSkate's "12 Days 'til Christmas" Card Contest!

Seasons greeting, little elves! The time has come for us to hold a festive contest in tune with the song of the season: It's time for our annual holiday card contest! And to spice it up this year, twelve prizes will be given out (one per day) along with an additional "grand prize" after it's all said and done!

This year we have teamed up with twelve of the top brands in longboarding to bring you twelve days of awesome prizes! Each brand will be "sponsoring" one day of the contest and they will get to choose their favorite submission! Each brand will be providing an awesome prize pack for their winner. (Trust us, you're gonna want to work hard on your cards! The prize packs are epic!)

Here's how to enter the #MuiryXmas contest on Instagram:

  1. Make a greeting card! Make it for the brand who will be selecting the winner each day.
    (For Example - "To: Blood Orange, From: Little Jonny")
  2. Cards must include the logos of relevant brand(s) and MuirSkate!
    - MuirSkate logos can be found here.
  3. Post a photo of your greeting card to Instagram using the appropriate hashtag (see list of tags below in green), and tag @MuirSkate along with the brand(s) of the day!
  4. You must submit your entry by 11:59pm PST on the night before the winners will be selected! (We don't know when each brand will be selecting their favorite, so it's better to submit it early!)
  5. Bonus tip: Your card can be made however you like so long as you can submit a photo of it! (We would suggest that you keep it two dimensional like a traditional card but you are free to do as you please!) Please be sure your account is public so we can see your submission!
An example post, for your edification:


Here's how to enter MuirSkate's Grand Prize contest (not on Instagram):

  1. Get your card (or cards) to MuirSkate HQ by 4:59pm PST on December 24th!(Mail it, deliver it, teleport it, whatever you like! Just get it to us on time!)

Here's our address:

Winners will be selected as follows:

  1. Saturday, Dec. 13th - Blood Orange - #MuiryXmasBloodOrange
  2. Sunday, Dec. 14th - Earthwing Skateboards - #MuiryXmasEarthwing
  3. Monday, Dec. 15th - Comet Skateboards - #MuiryXmasComet
  4. Tuesday, Dec. 16th - Bustin Boards - #MuiryXmasBustin
  5. Wednesday, Dec. 17th - Sector 9 Skateboards - #MuiryXmasSector9
  6. Thursday, Dec. 18th - PNL Trucks - #MuiryXmasPNL
  7. Friday, Dec. 19th - Gravity Skateboards - #MuiryXmasGravity
  8. Saturday, Dec. 20th - Arbor Skateboards - #MuiryXmasArbor
  9. Sunday, Dec. 21st - Landyachtz Longboards - #MuiryXmasLandyachtz
  10. Monday, Dec. 22nd - Rayne Longboards - #MuiryXmasRayne
  11. Tuesday, Dec. 23rd - Abec 11 Wheels and Jet Skateboards - #MuiryXmasAbec11Jet
  12. Wednesday, Dec. 24th - Original Skateboards - #MuiryXmasOriginal 
  13. Thursday, Dec. 25th - MuirSkate's Grand Prize! - Mail it in before this date!
Winners will be announced on the days listed above (check the MuirSkate Instagram account!), so we suggest that you submit your Instagram entries by 11:59pm the day before! Any physical submissions for the grand prize must be received by 4:59pm on December 24th.

But what about the prizes?!

  Right! The prizes! Each brand will be responsible for selecting a prize pack to give to their winner. The prize packs will vary by brand (from multiple sets of trucks to full completes!) and they will all be filled with epic goodness to get you stoked! We will announce the contents of each prize pack the day of. The grand prize will be a $500 Gift Card to!


Frequently Asked Questions

- Does it cost anything to enter?
- Nope. Just your time and creativity! 

- Can I submit more than one?
- Yes. Go for it. Don't even ask, submit as many different cards as you can create!

- Does it have to be a "card"?
- Only if you want to mail it in for the "grand prize". Otherwise, make whatever you like! We would highly recommend that you keep it legible and easily contained in an Instagram photo. (You want to win, don't you?)

- Can I submit the same card for more than one contest?
- No. Unless you're submitting it for the "Grand Prize", you should submit different cards for each of the different days! Personalization is key!

- Can two people work on the same card? Will we get double the prizes?
- Sure and nope. Sharing is caring!

- Will I get my card(s) back after the "Grand Prize" selection?
- Nope. We will be far too busy sending out orders to send cards back. Sorry y'all! Just don't send us your family heirlooms and we'll all be OK! 

- Can I email you with "specific" questions

February 14, 2014

MuirSkate x Earthwing Collaboration Deck: "The Muirderer"

We're pretty fired up with our previous collaboration deck graphic contest, so we're looking to keep the ball rolling! This time around we're teaming up with our pal Brian and the rest of the radical crew at NYC's Earthwing Skateboards to place some custom artwork on one of our favorite shapes from their line! (See chalk outline drawing above!)

The Contest:

Make us a sick graphic for "The Muirderer"! The MuirSkate and Earthwing logos must be present. You're free to use your imagination in creating the graphic, but please keep it at or below a PG-13 rating. (This isn't a Stephen King novel... Think of it more like Goosebumps! We're not looking to scare anyone away, just maybe creep'm out a bit.) See below for technical guidelines (e.g. Size, Resolution, etc.)

When You're Finished:

Email your submission to with the phrase "The Muirderer Graphic Contest" in the subject line. With the help of the Earthwing crew, we'll be selecting a handful of favorites for the public to vote on via the MuirSkate Facebook Page. After a week of voting, we'll have our winner! There'll be a second and third place, too!

The Prizes:

We'll be giving out prizes for the top three graphics.

First Place - "The Muirderer" Complete - First deck of the batch!
Second Place - "The Muirderer" Deck - Second deck of the batch!
Third Place - Contest prize package (Mix/Match of Muir/Earthwing gear)

Technical Guidelines:
  • SIZE: 38" L x 10" W (You could make it 40" x 12" to be safe, just make sure what you want to be seen fits on the outline of the deck.)
  • RESOLUTION: 300 dpi for maximum print quality.
  • SETUP: COLOR SEPARATED LAYERS (If you're like WTF, Google it.)
(Click 'File' > 'Download')

Submissions are due by the end of the day on 
March 15th, 2014
(Don't forget!)

If you have any more questions, you can hit us up via email or on our Facebook page.