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November 30, 2008

Two New Videos Are Up!

Check it out!
We've uploaded two more videos to our YouTube Account!
The first is the second video in our series of 5 Learn To Skate videos
This episode is "Footbreaking"!

The second video we just got up is the Gravity Slidefest 2008 ReCut.
Check it out - it has some awesome footage!

Skate on.


November 10, 2008

Muir Mini Video!

Muir Skate's new video for the new Muir Mini!
Though it's only 29", once your ride the new "Blacks" Muir Mini you'll understand why size doesn't matter ;]

Filmed by Scott Lembach & Seth Brown
Edited by Seth Brown

Gravity Slidefest 2008 Vid Now Playing!

Check out the video from Slidefest 2008!
Comment and Rate on YouTube to help us out! :]

Filmed by Sergie Magdalin
Edited by Seth Brown

Loaded Dancers are now Available at Muir Surf & Skate

The flex chart says,
FLEX 2 (100-170+)
FLEX 1 (160-230+)

If you weight falls between 160-170 lbs and you are really going to ride hard, do a lot of body varials and big jumps you want the FLEX 1. It will function better with your riding style and will have a less risk of bottoming out.
If you are lighter than 160 and you are going to be skating super hard the Flex 2 will work but if you prefer a stiffer ride with hardly any flex then get the Flex 1.
● 55” X 9" with a 40” wheelbase.
● Pressed with 100% natural linen using a high performance, non-toxic epoxy resin.
● Small nose and tail curvatures to lock your feet in.
● Nominal camber to keep the board damp and stable.
● Adam C. original monster artwork top and bottom.
● Bubbled bottom texture for finish and durability.
● Functional wheel wells.
● Different color linens are used at random to keep you on your toes.
55 inches long: a good dancing length, providing plenty of foot room. But it’s not way huge and clumsy. The dancer may even loose a few inches in the future.
9 inches wide: a nice size to allow plenty of foot room while still allowing you to find the edges easily and quickly.
The nose and tail curvatures are KEY. These subtle features really help with nose manuals and shovits and are a huge adavantage over flat noses and tails. They are mellow and comfortable and really lock your feet in--giving you that extra leverage you need. Let’s face it, throwing around a 55in board is not easy. Having a little extra leverage is nice.
Nose and Tail shape: The Dancer is not symmetrical and is built like this for a reason. The nose and tail can perform the same tricks, but each has its own advantages and feel which is nice. The nose of the board is wider and shorter and is easier for nose manual tricks. The back tail is longer and narrower making it easier to get leverage for shovits. Plus a longer tail helps with manuals, providing that extra bit to scrap the ground if you mess up.
The wheel cut outs and wheel wells combined together make it very hard to get wheel bite. We feel it is important to be able to carve like a tiger on your dancer. We just didn’t want you to have to worry about wheel bite and adding tons of risers. Rest assured, the wheel cuts out are placed as wide as possible (while still preventing wheel bite) to give you maxim foot space.
Flat platform: No concave (and almost no camber). We made this board flat to bring it back to the original roots of our flat-homemade dancers. Flat platform for ultimate dancing comfort. Also, the flatness helps disperse the thrashing the board gets flipped on its back. Developing a flat board with a long wheelbase and the right amount of flex was very challenging and one of the reasons it took us so long to launch this board. In the future we may add slight concave to make the board even lighter--time shall tell.
Camber: Very minimal camber along the length of the board to keep the flex positive and the board damp and stable.
The dancer does not have a trampoline like flex. It has a damp flex that enables you to have a very comfortable ride while still being able to do boardwalking and manual moves with ease and comfort.
With heavy use, the dancer will become slightly softer over time. However, it will not be a dramatic change. The board is pressed with a small amount of camber to help prevent dramatic sagging.
The Dancer off the Loaded site will come stock with 70mm 4Prez wheels, we feel a 70mm wheel works the best, but of course you have other wheel options to choose from. Any wheel between 70mm-75mm will work. With a larger wheel you run the risk of getting wheel bite. When the free-ride wheel comes out that will be the new stock dancer wheel.
We recommend using the Paris trucks along with their standard 3/16th” risers. The risers help absorb some of the shock and vibrations, work with the wheel wells, and provide more wheel clearance.
The dancer comes with a clear spray grip, which works very well. Once the spray grip wears off it is a good idea to add black magic griptape--especially on the nose and tail of the board were grip is most crucial.
The Dancer is pressed with Adam Colton’s original monster artwork. The monsters will scare away bad energy and make rough roads turn into smooth butter pavement. They like to eat chocolate covered raisins.
WHY DOES THE DANCER COST SO MUCH? (price will be finalized when board is ready for sale, it will be more expensive than the Dervish)
● The dancer is made using 2 thick bamboo cores. Bamboo is not cheap.
● The dancer is pressed with 100% natural linen, which is a lot friendlier for the environment but costs more than the traditional fiberglass.
● The cure time for the dancer in the press is 3 times that of a Dervish, so building costs are more expensive.
● It’s a big board, so it requires the use of more epoxy and a lot more time to finish the edges.
Make sure to feed the monsters and wrap the Dancer in a warm blanket at night and tell it a 5 minute bedtime story. Practice makes perfect, ENJOY.
WATCH THE DANCER video for some inspiration.

September 21, 2008

Enjoi Pandas Are In!

Heads up everyone -
We just got our new shipment of Enjoi boards!!!

Crazy colors, crazy designs, and crazy Pandas!
Come in to the shop or hop on the site and check 'em out.

Pandas and Pancakes

The Dudes From Muir

September 20, 2008

Muir Surf & Skate Welcomes back UCSD!!!

Hey you!!

Come check out our welcome back party for you at Mayhem at Muir 4 skate event on Sat October 4th at 12 noon. This event is for everybody. Tell a friend and come by. Flyers will be here and there.

Keep Checking back for updates for the Upcoming Meeting times and dates for the 2008-09 Surf and Skate Clubs at UCSD.

Don't forget that we take Triton Cash and give you guys 15% off your Surf Stuff and Rainbow Sandals!!!

Check out our killer Upgrades on Skateboards. You can read about this stuff on our website.

We also Rent Surfboards, bodyboards, skimboards, and wetsuits for super cheap prices. Check out

Oh yeah, I almost for got. We have a surfboard Buy Back Program. You can read about that too!

Just ask when you Stop by and we will teach you how to ride a skateboard.

Join our Blog! ;-]

Scott and Friends

Muir Surf & Skate

September 2, 2008

New stuff!!!

Oh Yeah, We have 83A Purple Orangatang's!!! We currently have 75mm In Heat in stock. The 70mm 4 President will be in shortly!!

Our Landyachtz stuff is on the way!! The shipment should be here in a couple of day!! We have 3 cases of Black Bear 852's coming in with this shipment. We are so stoked.

Don't forget Mayhem at Muir 4 "Dia De los Muirtos." October 4th!! Adam Colten and Loaded Boards will be hanging out with us!


August 22, 2008

Mayhem at Muir 4 "Dia de los Muirtos" with Adam Colton and the Loaded Family

Just a quick Event announcement:

Muir Skates and Loaded Longboards are busting out again at Muir.

Event: Mayhem at Muir 4 "Dia de los Muirtos"
When: Saturday October 4th
Where: Muir Surf & Skate
Time: 12noon

More details and event flyer soon to come!! Keep checking,, and


August 19, 2008

4 President Video by Loaded Longboards

Yo Check it out!! Adam Colton and Company put together an amazing downhill video for you guys. Check out the 75mm 4 President wheels. They are sell like made. They ride super awesome!

By the way, check out some of the new features on our website.

Hope you like it!


July 30, 2008

Crazy Online SALE at

Here is a quick update:

We are doing a crazy sale for you guys!!

All longboards have been marked down by $25 and the Mini Longboards are dropped by $15.

As you guys already know, we upgrade all our stuff. Bones Reds are included in the offer for free. We ship for free over $75.

The Dervish is upgrade price is around $245.

Get on it.

As far as customizing your new board, we are very close to getting this stuff done for you guys. Marc and Sergie are putting in some long hours for you guys. We hope you like the new look for We do for sure!!

We have lots of Rayne stuff in too!

Muir Skate

July 23, 2008

New Product Update!

Hey kids!!

We've got Rayne stuff!


Orangatang Wheels will be in tomorrow with a new shipment of Dervish Decks! Did I mention 3rd Generation Loaded Gloves are here!!!

DH Smoke is here too!

We are now stocking the entire line of Abec11 and Zig Zags at Muir!

Bear 852's Black are in stock!! Black Randals Too!

We just have tons of new stuff in stock.

Hope you like the new website!! We are constantly improving it for your viewing pleasure!

Thanks for coming to the 2008 Muir Skate Summer Jam and Website Release Party!

Muir Skate

July 20, 2008 has launched its newest version of the website

It's Crazy!! Check it out. Marc and Sergie have done it again!

You can view the latest reviews from Silverfish and watch the latest video on most products.

It is going to take some time, but you will soon view most of the Silverfish Reviews of your favorite products that we offer at We are still in the process of completing some work on the site.

The best example that is available today is the Loaded Dervish Deck. You can see the 5 Latest Silverfish Reviews, Product description, and the Whirling Dervish Video and never leave our site.

You can also join our Blog! Just add your email. When we make an update for an event or product you will be the first to know. Sign up a the bottom of the site.

Let us know what you think. Please let us know if you want us to add some features to the site. We have the capability to do crazy stuff.

Muir Skate

June 13, 2008

New Look for

This just in: We are launching our new website on July 19. We are going to have a launch party here at Muir between 12-4pm. We are going to have more details on the event soon! We have done some really cool things for the site that we believe are going to be useful to you.

May 2, 2008

Muir Skate is now Rocking RocknRon's Rockets!!

Don't be afraid of this crazy packaging!!! I have been assured that RocknRon's Rockets are the best bearings your $$$ can buy! Tested and approved today.

"There is no question that RocknRons Rockets are not only the fastest skateboard bearings but the best bearing value in any skateshop. "


April 23, 2008

Muir Mini Blacks 29"

Our Muir Mini Blacks 29" is now ready for delivery!!! Come in and test it out. It is freaking sick! We stock it with 5.o Bennetts and 62mmTunnel Wheels. It is so sick that it brings tears to my eyes whenever I step on it. Thanks Sergie for another artistic master piece.

April 11, 2008

Check out the photos from the Memorial Day Mayhem at Muir:

Here are some cool pics with Adam and Loaded:

48 Hours Sale: Check it!

We have empty boxes up to our ceiling at Muir. Besides putting them in the recycling container, the only way that we could think of getting rid of them is by filling them with Skateboards and sending them out this weekend. For 48 hours only, we are giving you $30 off longboards and $20 off mini's. This is while supplies last. That is until Sunday at Mid-night. Tell a friend!! There are some gems here!!!

Call us if you have any special requests.

We are going to post the deals on our Blog: Mark this and check out the deals that are coming your way.

See you at Mayhem at Muir III

Muir Skate

April 9, 2008

Just in: More details on Mayhem at Muir III:

Spring Mayhem at Muir III, come hungry and bring your friends.

Well Folks, it’ all happening Saturday, April 19th, 12-4pm. Come out to Muir Skate and Surf to relax/skate around in the sun with Flexdex, Honey skateboards, Arbor and Loaded as we all come together to enjoy the day. This is a great opportunity for you to try out all different kinds of longboards. Directions HERE

Burn those calories because there is FREE food coming from the grill to your mouth. Tasty. Plus some good old fashion pie eating for 6 lucky individuals.

Bands such as Straight Trippin, No Life Guard on Duty and The Glize will be serenading you as you skate.

At the end there is always a huge raffle and people walking away with all kinds of goodies, so bring some $$ for some raffle tickets. Plus Muir Skate and Surf are selling Dervish Completes for only $229 just for this event.

If you got some time please come on out Saturday and enjoy the day with us,


Mayhem at Muir III , April 19 at High Noon

Craaaaaaaazy!!! This going to be the craziest 4 hours in the history of Muir Skate!! Come out enjoy the Music, Food, and skate around with some crazy pro guys!

See you here!!

Muir Skate