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April 23, 2008

Muir Mini Blacks 29"

Our Muir Mini Blacks 29" is now ready for delivery!!! Come in and test it out. It is freaking sick! We stock it with 5.o Bennetts and 62mmTunnel Wheels. It is so sick that it brings tears to my eyes whenever I step on it. Thanks Sergie for another artistic master piece.

April 11, 2008

Check out the photos from the Memorial Day Mayhem at Muir:

Here are some cool pics with Adam and Loaded:

48 Hours Sale: Check it!

We have empty boxes up to our ceiling at Muir. Besides putting them in the recycling container, the only way that we could think of getting rid of them is by filling them with Skateboards and sending them out this weekend. For 48 hours only, we are giving you $30 off longboards and $20 off mini's. This is while supplies last. That is until Sunday at Mid-night. Tell a friend!! There are some gems here!!!

Call us if you have any special requests.

We are going to post the deals on our Blog: Mark this and check out the deals that are coming your way.

See you at Mayhem at Muir III

Muir Skate

April 9, 2008

Just in: More details on Mayhem at Muir III:

Spring Mayhem at Muir III, come hungry and bring your friends.

Well Folks, it’ all happening Saturday, April 19th, 12-4pm. Come out to Muir Skate and Surf to relax/skate around in the sun with Flexdex, Honey skateboards, Arbor and Loaded as we all come together to enjoy the day. This is a great opportunity for you to try out all different kinds of longboards. Directions HERE

Burn those calories because there is FREE food coming from the grill to your mouth. Tasty. Plus some good old fashion pie eating for 6 lucky individuals.

Bands such as Straight Trippin, No Life Guard on Duty and The Glize will be serenading you as you skate.

At the end there is always a huge raffle and people walking away with all kinds of goodies, so bring some $$ for some raffle tickets. Plus Muir Skate and Surf are selling Dervish Completes for only $229 just for this event.

If you got some time please come on out Saturday and enjoy the day with us,


Mayhem at Muir III , April 19 at High Noon

Craaaaaaaazy!!! This going to be the craziest 4 hours in the history of Muir Skate!! Come out enjoy the Music, Food, and skate around with some crazy pro guys!

See you here!!

Muir Skate