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September 21, 2008

Enjoi Pandas Are In!

Heads up everyone -
We just got our new shipment of Enjoi boards!!!

Crazy colors, crazy designs, and crazy Pandas!
Come in to the shop or hop on the site and check 'em out.

Pandas and Pancakes

The Dudes From Muir

September 20, 2008

Muir Surf & Skate Welcomes back UCSD!!!

Hey you!!

Come check out our welcome back party for you at Mayhem at Muir 4 skate event on Sat October 4th at 12 noon. This event is for everybody. Tell a friend and come by. Flyers will be here and there.

Keep Checking back for updates for the Upcoming Meeting times and dates for the 2008-09 Surf and Skate Clubs at UCSD.

Don't forget that we take Triton Cash and give you guys 15% off your Surf Stuff and Rainbow Sandals!!!

Check out our killer Upgrades on Skateboards. You can read about this stuff on our website.

We also Rent Surfboards, bodyboards, skimboards, and wetsuits for super cheap prices. Check out

Oh yeah, I almost for got. We have a surfboard Buy Back Program. You can read about that too!

Just ask when you Stop by and we will teach you how to ride a skateboard.

Join our Blog! ;-]

Scott and Friends

Muir Surf & Skate

September 2, 2008

New stuff!!!

Oh Yeah, We have 83A Purple Orangatang's!!! We currently have 75mm In Heat in stock. The 70mm 4 President will be in shortly!!

Our Landyachtz stuff is on the way!! The shipment should be here in a couple of day!! We have 3 cases of Black Bear 852's coming in with this shipment. We are so stoked.

Don't forget Mayhem at Muir 4 "Dia De los Muirtos." October 4th!! Adam Colten and Loaded Boards will be hanging out with us!