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June 3, 2009

Grand Opening Party!

Hey all~

This Saturday is our Grand Opening party!
[Sure we've been open for a while, but we've finally got the place clean enough to throw a party]

We'll be hanging out and goofing around all day,
bu the official party begins promptly around 7pm-ish for those of us over 21 years of age.
But! This doesn't mean the younger homies have to go home!
They just have to go somewhere else.

Maybe we'll do a little contest on the mini ramp?
Maybe we'll do a raffle for some sweet prizes?
Maybe we'll do a backside boneless fingerflip to revert?

You know how we do things.

See you Saturday!

BTW! Enter through the back door after 7!

Check out our locations page at
1418 Garnet Ave
Pacific Beach


Anonymous said...

ill see you guys there and for those who don"t know leave your crazy ass wife or girlfriend at home don't you dare bring her
i cant stress it enough
don't even think about it
ill bring my gun just in case u fuck up
and please
if your mexican don't even bother just keep on driving south to you reach mexico were you belong hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

crazy vince

Anonymous said...

I hope you gotz shot glasses cuz I come bearing gifts, bitchez!