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December 26, 2009

Well... What'dja get?!

Since there's always a slight chance grammy got you another holiday sweater, we figured we lighten your hearts with a little thing we found in our stocking... Enjoy!

Check out more videos at!

December 13, 2009

Get your Holiday orders in fast!!!

There are only a few days left till Christmas. We really want to help you make Christmas great for your Skater! If you have any questions about our shipping time for your order, you can call us at (858)273-5992 or email us at

Happy Holidays!!

Muir Skates Urban Street Camo Deck

We bring to you our version of Urban Street Camo!!! This is our newest street deck. Offered in 7.5, 7.75, 8.0, 8.25"
Have fun!!!

Check out the Urban Street Camo Skateboard!!

December 10, 2009

New Inventory In now!!

Scott: Hey Seth
Seth: What now?
Scott: We've new stuff all over the place
Seth: Huh?
Scott: We have new stock from Rayne, Comet, and Never Summer.
Sergie: Oh Snaps
Scott: Yeah Fool, Get you some.
Seth: Oh Stop it
Scott: Merry Christmas
Sergie: Hahahahaaaa

December 9, 2009

Holiday 10% Off Sale Still Rolling!

Scott: Pardon me, have you seen the great deals from our Holiday Sale?
Seth: Of course I have, Scott. I work here.
Scott: Come on we're doing an infomercial thing...
Seth: Oh! Well in that case... No, sir, I have not. I would love to learn more!
Scott: Well, my good fellow, let me tell you: We are currently in the middle of our Holiday Sale with everything 10% off!
Seth: Very nice, indeed! But how do I know what's on sale?
Scott: Elementary, my dear Seth, if we sell it, it's on sale!
Seth: Quite simple, it seems!
Scott: Indubitably!
Seth: Well how long have I got to get my roommate a gift before the sale expires?
Scott: The sale ends Friday night, so you've still got some time.
Seth: Splendid! Do I still get Free Bones Reds on any Custom Complete? Or free shipping on most items in the store? And a Free T-Shirt?!
Scott: Of course you do! But I must be off, I've got many orders to fill! I bid you good day.
Seth: And the same to you, good sir. Cheerio!