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March 31, 2010

Yippee Never Summer Heists are back in Stock!!!

Look the Never Summer Heist is back in stock!! We love this board!! It's the affordable version of the Loaded Dervish! Check it out!

March 27, 2010

Just arrived: The Comet Voodoo Doll

The 36" Comet Voodoo Doll longboard skateboard is the shorter version of the Voodoo XL. Do not be intimidated by its smaller frame. The Voodoo Doll is a rocket. The .5" concave locks your feet in tight for amazing control and stability. The (EFP) Effective Foot Platform at 10.25" hugs your toes and heels comfortable in pre-drifts and stand up cornering. The back drilling pattern has two options so that you can can easily increase the wheelbase from 26.25" to 28.75". Comet has thought about everything on this. They even increased the depth of the wheel wells so that you can really make this longboard turn. We would not just consider this board your downhill board. It can be a fun campus cruiser or neighborhood bomber depending on how you customize the setup. For downhill team riders suggest try Randal 180 or Bear 181 longboard trucks and customize them with Venom Eliminators and Venom DH Bushings. 70mm Orangatangs or 70mm ZigZags would work nicely on some local mountain roads. You can try replacing the the harder downhill bushings with a set of softer Venom or Khiro bushings in the Voodoo Doll and completely transform the longboard into your Campus and beach cruiser. You will definitely be a hit at the top of the hills with your friends especially when you beat them down the hill.

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March 26, 2010

Stronger and Sexier than ever, Earthwing launches The Carbon Superglider

Here is what we know about he Earthwing Carbon Superglider longboard skateboard: It's sick! Brian over at Earthwing knows what skateboarders want. The features of the Superglider are an all in one freeride board that can handle high speeds as well as get you up and over a deadly pot hole with the cool built in kick tail. At 9.5" of (EFP) Effective foot platform, you will feel comfortable in stand-up slides and deep downhill carves. Also, The Earthwing Carbon Superglider longboard skateboard has sufficient wheel wells for looser reverse king pin longbord trucks like Randals, Paris, and Bears. You can for sure put on a 70mm wheel and feel comfortable turning. If you are looking for a light weight longboard for campus this is the one. It is very agile for a 38"board and super easy to carry around campus. Try it with Independent 169mm Longboard trucks and Orangatang Stimulus wheels and you will have a freeride and slide transporter under your feet. The Superglider is by far one of the fastest selling boards at

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Look what's getting fatter: The new 65mm Earthwing Superball Slide-A wheels

Earthwing Superball 65mm Slide-A wheels are the slide wheel of choice for our team at The 65mm Slide-A wheels are tested by the Earthwing team before they go to market. With just a bit more urethane than the Superball 62mm Slide-A, these babies will last you a bit longer. These wheels create the smoothest slides downhill and they do resist flat spots quite well. We don't suggest holding Flat Spins or Colemans for very long otherwise you will be doing the Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble down the rest of the hill. You can count on the Earthwing Slide-A wheels in super fast stand-up slide situations. The are smooth like a babies back side as you wear them in and you will not feel like you are going to get stuck in any technical slide. 360 spins are effortless in a stand-up and Flat Spin laying down. You should try them with 169mm Independents on the Earthwing Jailbird or Drifter. You will not be disappointed. There is no substitute when it comes to slide technology. Earthwing dominates.

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March 24, 2010

Loaded Tan Tien Selling Next week!

Hey guys! We here at Muir Skate know how much we've all been anticipating the arrival of the Loaded Tan Tien!

We got the update that Loaded will be shipping them out tomorrow (March 25th) and they will be stocked in our inventory early next week! Bummer since we wanted it SOONER like this week because we know YOU wanted it sooner!

All those sweet dreams of... my feet feeling the Abec11 NoSkoolz shred the concrete as the 215mm Independents give me just enough rebound to make it out of the round-house check slide... all these sweet dreams will be fulfilled early next week. These fantasies sometimes make me wake up feeling a little weird. "Honey what's wrong? Why are you all wet? Did you have a nightmare?", "Uhhh, yeeeaah....". You know what I mean!

We'll hit you up when we get the shipment in so that you have first picks!

March 22, 2010

Rocknron's Ballistic Missiles Stage 3

There is no other way to say it, these bearings rock! The RocknRon's Ballistic Missiles Stage 3 street and longboard bearings are for sure one of the best bearings on the planet. Ron personally assembles each bearing in a clean room adding a double sided labyrinth shield for better protection. You can clean Ron's bearings over and over. Rocknron is absolutely meticulous about how his bearings are handled. That is why he does it himself. Most skaters that know skateboarding know that Ron knows his stuff about the bearing industry. In fact, RocknRon designs bearings exclusively for NASA. You have to be stoked now that Rocknron's bearing are now available again to skateboarders. Rocknron's bearing are extremely difficult to keep stocking because skaters in the know grab them quick. They pick up 2 or 3 sets at a time for good reason. If you are into longboard skateboards, street skating, pool riding, downhill racing, sliding or another skate related sport you will be absolutely pleased with the speed and quality of RocknRon's Ballistic Missiles Stage 3. RocknRon also offers many other bearing related products. team riders trust these bearings. We only carry the best quality.

Rockets Stage 3's name was once called Ballistic Missiles. The RocknRon's Rocket are a quality design uniquely constructed with the latest built-in features that make this bearing faster and smoother than most premium bearings.

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March 21, 2010

Check out the Earthwing Sexy SuperModel

The Earthwing Supermodel longboard Skateboard is an all in one Freeride, downhill skateboard, and is easily used for campus cruising. team riders tested it for the first time and were in awe at the bottom of the hill. The first thought I had was "Wow" a comparable board to the Rayne Nemesis for under $100. The Supermodel is a drop through design making it easier to push and more stable than a top mount. Your feet feel completely locked in to the 10.1" of lovely width. I would not hesitate to run a downhill setup and race on the Earthwing Supermodel. Slipping in a standup is not something that will happen on the Supermodel. It's the perfect freeride machine.
The 9 ply is most definitely stiff. So if you weigh over 175 lbs this will be an amazing Downhill board for you. If you require some flex, you should choose the 9 ply over 175 lbs. Small riders under 175 lbs might would consider the 8 ply Earthwing Super Model for Downhill and freeriding.
You should try a set of Independent 215 trucks for both freeride and downhill. For technical slides you should try out the Loaded Stimulus or Durians 86a. Any 180 reverse king pin truck like Randal, Paris, or Bears will work with the Supermodel. Try out some Earthwing wheels too! The Earthwing Obomers and smokers are really fast and grippy wheels too!!!
This deck is rad. We have tested several prototypes, and finally we landed what we think is the best DH freestyle deck available. And it's freaking under $100!!! There is a deep elliptical concave that is deeper near the trucks. It's on one plane, no rocker, no chamber. It comes in 2 flexes - stiff 8 ply, and stiffer 9 ply, with hand picked Great Lakes region hard rock maple. No, maple is not all the same, and we have the best of the best. We payed close attention to the details. There is maximum possible real estate near the trucks without wheelbite, and features a deep wheel well that fits snug with large wheels. There are routered channels for a touch of torsional flex without sacrificing the stiffer feel of the deck. This will allow the load to be evenly distributed between all 4 wheels in slides for a more predictable ride. You can also grab rail, even with bulky slide gloves - just look at how big they are! Fun, fun, fun, and that's our whole purpose here at Earthwing. We are not the cool guys with the hair-do's and sneakers, we are the fun guys with knowledge and determination.
40" length
10 3/8 " at the widest points underfoot
9 3/4" at the waist
30.5" wheelbase
26.25 standing platform
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March 20, 2010

Now Stocking Ceramic Super Reds

The new Bones Ceramic Super Reds are the answer to high price precision bearings like Bones Swiss Ceramics! So you think that you can't go fast enough! Hah, now you can roll twice as fast at half the cost. Since the 80's Bones has been the leader in bearing technology. You can trust that Bones has done its share of research and development in order to bring you the best affordable ceramic bearing in the skateboard industry. always upgrades our completes to Bones Reds. Maybe one day we will upgrade you to Ceramic Super Reds. If you have a little extra cash to spend, we suggest giving these Longboard Skateboard Bearings ago.

New Black Earthwing Slide A Wheels

We just received our shipment of New Black Earthwing Slide A Wheels. Our team love to slide our local hills in San Diego. The urethane holds really nice in long slides and rarely flatspots.

Buy the Earthwing wheels here!

Check our the Muir Skate team charging on these wheels!


FREE Loaded Tan Tien Longboard Skateboard Complete Giveaway!

What's up my longboarding peeps! The Loaded Tan Tien is out March 25th at so to get you more stoked we are giving away a FULLY-UPGRADED Loaded Tan Tien Longboard Skateboard Complete to a random fan on our Facebook page! View Facebook page. That means you have to become a fan before our lucky fan drawing on May 1st!

Here are the Loaded Tan Tien LINKS for you:

Facebook page of (become a fan to be in the drawing on May 1st!)

It's a nice day... so go skate!
- neosporin's son

March 3, 2010

New Warehouse Location!

Hey boys and girls! is entirely moved into it's new distribution location!

Just thought you'd like to know!

- the guys at Muir