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March 27, 2010

Just arrived: The Comet Voodoo Doll

The 36" Comet Voodoo Doll longboard skateboard is the shorter version of the Voodoo XL. Do not be intimidated by its smaller frame. The Voodoo Doll is a rocket. The .5" concave locks your feet in tight for amazing control and stability. The (EFP) Effective Foot Platform at 10.25" hugs your toes and heels comfortable in pre-drifts and stand up cornering. The back drilling pattern has two options so that you can can easily increase the wheelbase from 26.25" to 28.75". Comet has thought about everything on this. They even increased the depth of the wheel wells so that you can really make this longboard turn. We would not just consider this board your downhill board. It can be a fun campus cruiser or neighborhood bomber depending on how you customize the setup. For downhill team riders suggest try Randal 180 or Bear 181 longboard trucks and customize them with Venom Eliminators and Venom DH Bushings. 70mm Orangatangs or 70mm ZigZags would work nicely on some local mountain roads. You can try replacing the the harder downhill bushings with a set of softer Venom or Khiro bushings in the Voodoo Doll and completely transform the longboard into your Campus and beach cruiser. You will definitely be a hit at the top of the hills with your friends especially when you beat them down the hill.

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