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March 24, 2010

Loaded Tan Tien Selling Next week!

Hey guys! We here at Muir Skate know how much we've all been anticipating the arrival of the Loaded Tan Tien!

We got the update that Loaded will be shipping them out tomorrow (March 25th) and they will be stocked in our inventory early next week! Bummer since we wanted it SOONER like this week because we know YOU wanted it sooner!

All those sweet dreams of... my feet feeling the Abec11 NoSkoolz shred the concrete as the 215mm Independents give me just enough rebound to make it out of the round-house check slide... all these sweet dreams will be fulfilled early next week. These fantasies sometimes make me wake up feeling a little weird. "Honey what's wrong? Why are you all wet? Did you have a nightmare?", "Uhhh, yeeeaah....". You know what I mean!

We'll hit you up when we get the shipment in so that you have first picks!

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