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March 22, 2010

Rocknron's Ballistic Missiles Stage 3

There is no other way to say it, these bearings rock! The RocknRon's Ballistic Missiles Stage 3 street and longboard bearings are for sure one of the best bearings on the planet. Ron personally assembles each bearing in a clean room adding a double sided labyrinth shield for better protection. You can clean Ron's bearings over and over. Rocknron is absolutely meticulous about how his bearings are handled. That is why he does it himself. Most skaters that know skateboarding know that Ron knows his stuff about the bearing industry. In fact, RocknRon designs bearings exclusively for NASA. You have to be stoked now that Rocknron's bearing are now available again to skateboarders. Rocknron's bearing are extremely difficult to keep stocking because skaters in the know grab them quick. They pick up 2 or 3 sets at a time for good reason. If you are into longboard skateboards, street skating, pool riding, downhill racing, sliding or another skate related sport you will be absolutely pleased with the speed and quality of RocknRon's Ballistic Missiles Stage 3. RocknRon also offers many other bearing related products. team riders trust these bearings. We only carry the best quality.

Rockets Stage 3's name was once called Ballistic Missiles. The RocknRon's Rocket are a quality design uniquely constructed with the latest built-in features that make this bearing faster and smoother than most premium bearings.

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