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March 26, 2010

Stronger and Sexier than ever, Earthwing launches The Carbon Superglider

Here is what we know about he Earthwing Carbon Superglider longboard skateboard: It's sick! Brian over at Earthwing knows what skateboarders want. The features of the Superglider are an all in one freeride board that can handle high speeds as well as get you up and over a deadly pot hole with the cool built in kick tail. At 9.5" of (EFP) Effective foot platform, you will feel comfortable in stand-up slides and deep downhill carves. Also, The Earthwing Carbon Superglider longboard skateboard has sufficient wheel wells for looser reverse king pin longbord trucks like Randals, Paris, and Bears. You can for sure put on a 70mm wheel and feel comfortable turning. If you are looking for a light weight longboard for campus this is the one. It is very agile for a 38"board and super easy to carry around campus. Try it with Independent 169mm Longboard trucks and Orangatang Stimulus wheels and you will have a freeride and slide transporter under your feet. The Superglider is by far one of the fastest selling boards at

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