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April 19, 2010

Top 5 Cheap Ways to Breathe New Life into your Old Longboard Skateboard

As your skill level grows, your board will most likely take a beating along the way. To fill in until your next birthday (Hint, hint, Mom or Dad!) you can perform a couple tweaks and adjustments to breathe some life back into your "well-loved" longboard skateboard.
Let's assume that you've grown accustomed to your current deck, trucks and wheels. Maybe it's a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, or maybe you don't want to fork out any more than a few shillings on anything but the necessities. With the basics covered, let's get to the nitty gritty. Conveniently enough, the order of the upgrades ranges from most aesthetic to most effective. By taking care of each (or even just a couple) of these steps, your board will ride like it's brand new for a fraction of the cost of a new complete longboard!

#5 - Grip Tape

Generally the part of your board you see and have the most contact with is the top of your deck. Like the wax on your surfboard, you don't want to be caught slipping down the face of a wave when it matters most. So why not give yourself a little bit of perceived "newness" by giving the top of your deck a makeover? Grab a nice clean sheet of grip tape and slap that puppy on! Not only will your longboard look oh-so-sexy, but it will also feel much better under your feet. Forget slipping and sliding like you were just doing a bit ago... You've got nice clean grip tape for your feet to stick to like superglued velcro!
Bottom Line: It only runs about $5-$9 to grip a longboard skateboard, so you won't necessarily need to dig into your college savings! Get your longboard grip here!

#4 - Mounting Accessories - bolts, risers, spacers, etc.

As you're admiring the sexy new top surface of your deck, count the truck bolts you see near your feet. How many do you see? Seven you say? Seven (7)?! Dude, you're supposed to have eight (8)! That means it's time to dig that change out from under your couch and buy some new Khiro Flathead or Panhead hardware. And since you're going to be disassembling the setup, you might as well throw on some new Khiro Risers and/or Khiro Shock Pads. If you liked (or simply got used to) the setup the way it was, just try to find some new hardware and risers in the same style and size. Aside from giving your board a new bit of shine and sizzle, the addition of new risers will give you a bit of vibration dampening to help with that rough pavement and the new hardware will keep your trucks securely fastened to the board.
Bottom Line: The combination of risers and hardware will generally run about $6-$7. Get your longboard mounting accessories here!

#3 - Pivot Cups

Are you stuck at home with nothing better to do tonight? Why not grease your pivot cup! (Wait, what's a pivot cup? After disassembling your truck take a look at your baseplate. The part that looks like a cup is just that: your pivot cup.) A good deal of pressure and force are laid to rest on your pivot cup. It gets quite beat up over time and, because of the placement, it often goes unattended for a long time! Installing a new set of pivot cups is an easy way to enhance your turning sensations. All it takes is a little bit of sideways pressure and leverage from a screwdriver and they'll pop right out!
Maybe you don't want (or feel the need) to pick up some new pivot cups or maybe your truck is just making a weird squeaking noise! A quick and popular fix around here is to put a little bit of surf wax onto the point at which your trucks hanger (that holds the axle) comes in contact with the pivot cup.
Bottom Line: A pair of pivot cups for two (2) trucks will run roughly $4. Just like that Double Big Mac. Get your pivot cups here!

#2 - Bearings

What's that? You left your longboard outside for over a year during a brief stint in Razor Scootering? Well, we'll forgive you for the scootering if you slap on some new bearings instead of the old rusty things inside those longboard wheels! Bones Reds are a killer bearing at a killer price! They'll keep up for years if you take care of them and don't just throw them out in the rain or mud. More importantly, they will help you roll for more than ten feet without having to push again and again.
Alternatively, if you can't get enough dollar bills rounded up for some new bearings, you can try to salvage what you already have. Check out the Bones Bearings website for some good tips on cleaning your old bearings. Keep in mind that, although it's quite common to use WD-40 or other similar chemical mixtures, using WD-40 is NOT the best option for the long term! They'll be clean for a minute or two, then all of a sudden they'll be covered in dirt, leaving you right where you were before. Use specially made bearing cleaning lube to keep your bearings rolling as long as possible.
Bottom Line: Bones Reds will run you roughly $16. Just don't buy candy bars every day at lunch and you got it made in a week! Get your longboard bearings here!


Bushings are the suspension in your longboard skateboard trucks; the colorful urethane that makes turning so smooth. A wise man once said, "The life of a board is contained in the bushings of the trucks." We went out to find him to get more thoughts, but it turns out he lives in Saskatchewan... A little too far to skate today. But, anyways, it's the truth! If you simply change the pieces of urethane around the kingpin, your board will have a new life to it that rivals that of the brand new board your neighbor just got! And you got the same feeling for a lot less. You'll need four (4) bushings to cover both trucks properly which is usually contained in two "packs".
Bottom Line: Bushings can run anywhere from $8 up to $20 for your general longboarding setup. Get your longboard bushings here!
Try out these cheap upgrades and make your longboard skateboard feel like it's brand new! Have more ideas for how to spruce up that old beater? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

April 18, 2010

Earthwing brings us the new Mini Glider!

Miniglider 33"
Wheelbase 20"
Width 9.5"
Length 33"
Concave: DEEP

The Earthwing Mini Glider longboard skateboard is the newest addition to the Earthwing line up. This is a super wide mini designed for all disciplines in mind. It is 33" long with a killer wheel base of 20". Depending on your weight you might get some flex out of it. At 9.5" wide you are going to be totally locked in and hooked. The Earthwing Mini Glider longboard skateboard is a shrunken down version of the Earthwing Superglider.

The Earthwind Mini Glider will be the hottest mini on the streets. You finally have a mini that can do it all. Ollies are going to be effortless. Slides are going to be longer with the ability to pull off some combo tricks out of slides. The shorter wheelbase (compared to the Earthwing Superglider longboard skateboard) will make it more agile for moving around large crowds. It's especially going to be good for campus riding. It's great for quick shots to the store or from your car to the local garage.

Start with putting on some Independent 169mm trucks and 65 Fat Free or 70mm Stimulus longboard wheels by Orangatang. Don't forget to order Bones Hardcore Conical Busings for the trucks. They have great rebound and will decrease your chances of wheel bite. The Earthwing Mini Glider Longboard skateboard will work with Randal 150 and Paris 150 Longboard trucks. Bennett 5.0 or 6.0 trucks will work wonders as well.

Here's what Brian from Earthwing has to say:
This is a sweet ride. Finally a true hybrid. A good description of this magic deck is a street-skater's longboard. Having spent so much time street skating my whole life, I have been chasing this dream designing a perfect hybrid that can handle it all well. I like to book down hills, ollie distance at speed too fast to out-run, carve a good bowl, and click a clean flip out of a curb cut. With this little fella, the next time you are "Kachunk-a-chunking" down the sidewalk to an intersection, just give her one last push and ollie the entire street and keep going. It's a do it all, and do it well deck. Made from a super light 5 ply, and thermoplastic, it will be light on the push, quick on the glide, and have that familiar E.W. "click" sound of a clean lively pop. This is the one son.

We can't wait to get ours this week! You can expect a video to come soon after that. :]

April 16, 2010

New Wheels in Stock: Seismic "Black Ops" 76mm Hot Spots

The new 76mm x 59mm Hot Spot is quite possibly the fastest all-around wheel ever developed for downhill and all purpose longboarding. It’s molded in Black Ops™ urethane around the new Seismic Mini-EC core. Not too big and not too small, the core preserves ample tire thickness while saving over ½-ounce per wheel and super-charging the inside edge rebound. The result is a big, wide wheel with superior traction and roll; smooth, predictable handling; and the quickness of a much smaller wheel. Said multi-time World Slalom Champion Gary Fluitt, “I threw them on for my final run in the 2010 Texas Sizzler GS, and without any testing I dropped my time by over a half second. That’s an eternity in slalom racing, and it was more than enough to give me the win.”

The 76mm Seismic Hot Spots are for general longboarding and downhill racing purposes. You can use the Hot Spots with drop-through longboards skateboard like The Loaded Dervish and the NeverSummer Heist. They are simply great for cruising and carving, too.

Buy Now at!

April 12, 2010

The Downhill Disco - Coming to San Diego May 15 and Sector 9 Longboards in collaboration with present The Downhill Disco!

The Downhill Disco is a longboard skateboarding competition involving all aspects of downhill longboarding including: speed, agility, and drifting. Although we are all quite stylish in our form, no extra points will be awarded for wearing cool shades or busting one-footed slides... The awards are given based on how long it takes you to get through the course.

Awards?! Yep. We've got a cash purse for winners (Top 3) and goody bags for other top-ranking competitors.

- Anyone with downhill riding abilities can enter. All that's required are a helmet and gloves. Safety first!
- All wheels are welcome! We'll probably be riding some Orangatang Wheels but if you've got comfortable with some hard wheels or others, we won't turn you away!
- There are 3 competition categories: Grom, Open, and Pairs.
- Grom for our friends 15 and under
- Open for everyone else
- Pairs for everyone else and a friend!

Registration will take place the day of the event. Just bring a few bucks with you to the hill!
(We might also accept payment in the form of: muffins, bananas, milk, bread, cake, epic wolf t-shirts, or something similar...
Just be prepared to receive prizes in the similar fashion if you plan on paying this way!)

The entry fees (destined to be roughly two quarter-pounders, a large fry and a vanilla milkshake) and specific rules related to the course will be posted shortly. But until then, just be aware that the main objective is to avoid hitting the cones as you fly by them with gratuitous amounts of speed.

The location will be revealed the night of May 14th, so check back with us at that time for a nice map.

Last words: Fine tune your maneuvering abilities! Even though it's all about getting there quickly, don't go crazy! If you're crazy, you're probably going to knock out cones! And if you do that enough, you'll be knocked out (of the competition) as well!

April 1, 2010

This just in: New Shipment of Rayne longboard skateboards!

We just received our shipment of Rayne Downhill Longboard Skateboards. They are so sexy!! You can check them out now at

We are going to order more Rayne Hustlers next week.

Breaking Hardware Often? Try the 1/8" Thick Custom Cut Drop-Through Risers by MuirSkate

Are you tired of breaking panhead hardware on your drop-through longboard skateboard? Heck, we are growing tired of replacing hardware! It costs too much and you should not have to pay for it. Let us explain why this is happening so frequently:

The pressure and tension of your deck being sandwiched between your base plate, shock pad, and hardware are the cause of your broken and cracked hardware. When you bounce or bend your deck, your hardware take all the force if not properly supported. It's just like a hot knife going through butter! But, don't worry... We've found your remedy! MuirSkate now cuts custom Khiro Shock pads into drop-through risers. To do this, we prefer to use .13" (1/8") and .25" (1/4") Khiro shock pads for this. We custom fit the shock pads to work with Randal, Bear, Paris, and Charger longboard trucks. The Custom Drop-Through Shock Pads may not always be the prettiest, but they will fit properly with the trucks of your choice. (And who's worried about looks anyways? They'll be hidden under you trucks!) Until a hardware manufacturer designs a shock pad to fit your Drop-Through (Khiro are you getting this?) we will continue to endure the sharp cuts from razor blades on our fingers so that you don't have to!