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April 1, 2010

Breaking Hardware Often? Try the 1/8" Thick Custom Cut Drop-Through Risers by MuirSkate

Are you tired of breaking panhead hardware on your drop-through longboard skateboard? Heck, we are growing tired of replacing hardware! It costs too much and you should not have to pay for it. Let us explain why this is happening so frequently:

The pressure and tension of your deck being sandwiched between your base plate, shock pad, and hardware are the cause of your broken and cracked hardware. When you bounce or bend your deck, your hardware take all the force if not properly supported. It's just like a hot knife going through butter! But, don't worry... We've found your remedy! MuirSkate now cuts custom Khiro Shock pads into drop-through risers. To do this, we prefer to use .13" (1/8") and .25" (1/4") Khiro shock pads for this. We custom fit the shock pads to work with Randal, Bear, Paris, and Charger longboard trucks. The Custom Drop-Through Shock Pads may not always be the prettiest, but they will fit properly with the trucks of your choice. (And who's worried about looks anyways? They'll be hidden under you trucks!) Until a hardware manufacturer designs a shock pad to fit your Drop-Through (Khiro are you getting this?) we will continue to endure the sharp cuts from razor blades on our fingers so that you don't have to!

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