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April 12, 2010

The Downhill Disco - Coming to San Diego May 15 and Sector 9 Longboards in collaboration with present The Downhill Disco!

The Downhill Disco is a longboard skateboarding competition involving all aspects of downhill longboarding including: speed, agility, and drifting. Although we are all quite stylish in our form, no extra points will be awarded for wearing cool shades or busting one-footed slides... The awards are given based on how long it takes you to get through the course.

Awards?! Yep. We've got a cash purse for winners (Top 3) and goody bags for other top-ranking competitors.

- Anyone with downhill riding abilities can enter. All that's required are a helmet and gloves. Safety first!
- All wheels are welcome! We'll probably be riding some Orangatang Wheels but if you've got comfortable with some hard wheels or others, we won't turn you away!
- There are 3 competition categories: Grom, Open, and Pairs.
- Grom for our friends 15 and under
- Open for everyone else
- Pairs for everyone else and a friend!

Registration will take place the day of the event. Just bring a few bucks with you to the hill!
(We might also accept payment in the form of: muffins, bananas, milk, bread, cake, epic wolf t-shirts, or something similar...
Just be prepared to receive prizes in the similar fashion if you plan on paying this way!)

The entry fees (destined to be roughly two quarter-pounders, a large fry and a vanilla milkshake) and specific rules related to the course will be posted shortly. But until then, just be aware that the main objective is to avoid hitting the cones as you fly by them with gratuitous amounts of speed.

The location will be revealed the night of May 14th, so check back with us at that time for a nice map.

Last words: Fine tune your maneuvering abilities! Even though it's all about getting there quickly, don't go crazy! If you're crazy, you're probably going to knock out cones! And if you do that enough, you'll be knocked out (of the competition) as well!


Seth said...

Don't worry if you don't think you'd be able to ride the course... It's manageable for most skill levels! All you have to do is be able to bust a drift or slide and you're set!

sk8ncre8 said...

Looks like a great new hill!! Checked out your last event, great time. I put on races in s.d. also, S.D.D.R.L.,they are very different. just had a huge tuberiding contest (my newest creation), and ditch race. hope to meet you guys at this next event. I tell all of our racers to check out your events, and to support Everything that is local!! boards, clothes, shoes, music, ect.., Tye

Anonymous said...

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Philippine Longboarding said...

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