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April 18, 2010

Earthwing brings us the new Mini Glider!

Miniglider 33"
Wheelbase 20"
Width 9.5"
Length 33"
Concave: DEEP

The Earthwing Mini Glider longboard skateboard is the newest addition to the Earthwing line up. This is a super wide mini designed for all disciplines in mind. It is 33" long with a killer wheel base of 20". Depending on your weight you might get some flex out of it. At 9.5" wide you are going to be totally locked in and hooked. The Earthwing Mini Glider longboard skateboard is a shrunken down version of the Earthwing Superglider.

The Earthwind Mini Glider will be the hottest mini on the streets. You finally have a mini that can do it all. Ollies are going to be effortless. Slides are going to be longer with the ability to pull off some combo tricks out of slides. The shorter wheelbase (compared to the Earthwing Superglider longboard skateboard) will make it more agile for moving around large crowds. It's especially going to be good for campus riding. It's great for quick shots to the store or from your car to the local garage.

Start with putting on some Independent 169mm trucks and 65 Fat Free or 70mm Stimulus longboard wheels by Orangatang. Don't forget to order Bones Hardcore Conical Busings for the trucks. They have great rebound and will decrease your chances of wheel bite. The Earthwing Mini Glider Longboard skateboard will work with Randal 150 and Paris 150 Longboard trucks. Bennett 5.0 or 6.0 trucks will work wonders as well.

Here's what Brian from Earthwing has to say:
This is a sweet ride. Finally a true hybrid. A good description of this magic deck is a street-skater's longboard. Having spent so much time street skating my whole life, I have been chasing this dream designing a perfect hybrid that can handle it all well. I like to book down hills, ollie distance at speed too fast to out-run, carve a good bowl, and click a clean flip out of a curb cut. With this little fella, the next time you are "Kachunk-a-chunking" down the sidewalk to an intersection, just give her one last push and ollie the entire street and keep going. It's a do it all, and do it well deck. Made from a super light 5 ply, and thermoplastic, it will be light on the push, quick on the glide, and have that familiar E.W. "click" sound of a clean lively pop. This is the one son.

We can't wait to get ours this week! You can expect a video to come soon after that. :]

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RyNO92 said...

Man this thing is sick and super fast.The push is crazy as well as acceleration when you wanna pull away from the pack. I even killed garages with this thing.And yes it will make its debut may 5 2012 Broad st Bomb in philly. Look out the Mini Glider will dictate.