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September 28, 2010

Rough Cuts - Duke, Jimmy, and AJ Skate Down Gmnar

Hey Folks!
Thought you might enjoy a bit of longboarding footage.
So here it is!

Don't forget the photo contest is coming to an end very soon! Only a few days left to submit...
Winner will be receiving an Earthwing MiniGlider Complete for his or her success!

September 1, 2010

The Photo Contest is Here!

Hope your batteries are charged, 'cause The Photo Contest is here! The Example Photo depicted here is missing something... Action! We are looking for the best scenery shot involving a longboard skateboard. Send us your best!

Contest ends Sept 30th, Winner announced October 3rd. The winner will receive an Earthwing MiniGlider Complete. (A must have for any quiver! Especially for a photographer...)

Submit your photo(s) (Yes, more than one if you want!) to the Wall for entry into the contest. Now, get a move on, shutterbugs!