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October 27, 2010

Muir Skate presents "Tricks For Treats" - DEADLINE EXTENDED! Entries Due DECEMBER 15th

General Description:
Participants will submit a video performing tricks listed in "The Trick List". All applicable submissions will receive goodies based on the number of tricks performed.

Who Can Enter:
Anyone willing to learn a few longboarding tricks and submit a video executing them! All forms of skateboards are welcome. And if you need to borrow a board from a friend, that's fine, too!

International Submissions:
We don't ship internationally, but we will make one exception for this contest. Entries from outside the U.S. will be admitted into the Grand Prize portion of the contest (for Best Video) ONLY. (This means these entries are not eligible for "Treats".) Just make a sick video with the minimum number of tricks and you're set!

Every Participant Has A Shot At The Grand Prize:
The video that most impresses The Team of judges will receive a Sector 9 Super Shaka Longboard and a Sector 9 Downhill Division Lacey Longboard (One for the rider and one for the filmer... Everyone's gotta have a filming buddy right?) Our friends at Khiro Skate Products are throwing in $100 cash prize for the Grand Prize, too! At the end of the submission period, we will select The Grand Prize video from all submissions. That means if you can't bust out a Switch Toeside Standy just yet, you're still eligible to win the Grand Prize!

Three Different "Treats" Categories:
  1. 10 Tricks - All participants completing 10+ tricks will receive a 10-pack of Muir Skate PowerWings Stickers
  2. 15 Tricks - The first 50 entries to reach 15 tricks will receive a 15-pack of Muir Skate PowerWings Stickers and a contest t-shirt
  3. 20 Tricks - The first 20 entries to reach 20 tricks will receive a 20-pack of Muir Skate PowerWings Stickers, TricksForTreats t-shirt, and Khiro skate tool
Beastly Bonus! - The first five video submissions with all 20 tricks will receive a set of 70mm Fireball Incendo Wheels in addition to the stickers, shirt, and skate tool.

The "Rules":
One rider per video entry. (That means you can't split the tricks between you and your friends.) There can be others helping film, etc. Riders must wear a helmet. Videos must be as close to 2 minutes long as possible.

Submitting Your Video:
The contest deadline is now DECEMBER 15th! Entries must be: (1) Submitted as a "Video Response" to the Contest Announcement Video on the Muir Skate YouTube Channel and (2) Tagged with "Muir Skate Tricks For Treats". This will ensure your official get entry into the contest. Note: If you don't follow these steps correctly, there's no guarantee that we will ever see your video. Winner will be announced the first week of December and rewards will be sent out around then, too.

The Trick List: (In Order of Appearance)
  1. F/S Nose Shove It
  2. B/S Nose Shove It
  3. Le Pirouette
  4. Old School Flip
  5. Fakie Big Spin
  6. Nose Manual Around Something
  7. F/S G-Turn 
  8. B/S G-Turn
  9. ToeSide Check
  10. HeelSide 180
  11. Switch HeelSide Check
  12. Switch HeelSide 180
  13. ToeSide 180
  14. Switch ToeSide 180
  15. Stalefish Check
  16. Switch ToeSide Check
  17. F/S Slide Shove It
  18. B/S Slide Shove It
  19. HeelSide Check
  20. F/S NoseBlunt Slide
Information Worth Mentioning:
Be sure to watch the Contest Announcement Video on our YouTube Channel so we're all clear on The Trick List. If you're having trouble with a particular trick, get talking with other riders on the discussion boards or find some helpful videos online. That's what the internet is for! If a lot of dudes and dudettes are having difficulties, we might even whip up a Quick Tip video to help out! We have a tough time with some tricks, too, so we're going to be playing along just for fun. (No, we can't win our own contest.)

Muir Skate and its affiliates are not responsible for any longboarding injuries due to failed trick attempts. Remember to always skate within your limits and wear your protective gear! Helmets are required for this competition.

Got Questions?
If they're not answered in the section below, ask away at!

Q: Can I submit an entry with less than 10 tricks?
A: Nope. It won't count. Ten tricks minimum.

Q: If I do 12 tricks, can I get 12 stickers?
A: Probably not. Stickers are intended to be distributed in increments of five.

Q: I have a friend who can do some of the tricks and I can do the others, can we put them together to make 20?
A: Nope. All tricks submitted must be performed by one person.

Q: Wait, so do I have to film and skate by myself?
A: Have a friend film your tricks and return the favor for him/her! There's a reason that two boards are included in The Grand Prize.

Q: Can I wear a mask or a costume? Or a cape?
A: Sure, costumes are encouraged! But don't try to pull a fast one... We can tell if there are two riders behind a mask.

Q: Can video submissions be more than 2 minutes long?
A: If you just have to go over 2 minutes because it's that awesome, ok. But we'll probably get distracted if it goes on too long... So keep it short and sweet!

Q: My board isn't good for G-Turns or (insert trick name here)... Can I borrow my friends board?
A: Yep! Feel free to use any boards you want. Use a different one for each trick if you want to!

Q: Do I have to do the tricks in a certain order or in the same sequence/combo/line?
A: Nope. Use your artistic abilities to mix it up!

Q: Do I have to wear a helmet?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I wear a bike helmet?
A: YES! WEAR A HELMET. Any helmet that will protect you from harm is a good idea!

Q: I'm having problems posting my video as a "Video Response" to the contest announcement video... Help?
A: Check out this link on that same topic! "How to Post a Video Response on Youtube"

Q: Does it count if I "kinda" or "almost" land a trick?
A: Almost? No. Kinda? Well... We all know what a "completion" looks like. So get the absolute best shot you can and we won't have any problems!

Q: Do I have to do all 20 tricks to win the Grand Prize?
A: Nope! All entries (with 10+ tricks) are eligible. The most impressive video out of all three categories will be selected as the winner.

Q: I say that backside is this/that way, but you guys say it's the other way! You say "po-tay-toe" I say "po-tay-heel"
A: As long as you're doing it like we are in the announcement video, it's all gravy!

Q: What if I'm tired after eating a bunch of turkey and don't submit the video by the deadline?
A: The contest deadline is November 28th. You snooze, you lose.

Q: How do I send you my address to get my goodies?
A: YouTube! Send a message to our YouTube account, or we'll contact you there if we don't hear from you.

Q: Can I use a "regular" skateboard?
A: Yep. Any skateboards or longboards are welcome.

Now, go get shreddy!


Klaus said...

Great...was actually setting up to film today. very excited. i would love some new wheels

West Island longboarding crew said...

pretty sweet prizes, pretty sweet tricks, pretty sweet challenge... I'm in!! :D