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December 24, 2010

Announcing the Results from our Holiday Greeting Card Contest!

Holiday Greetings Fellow Humans!

No Drum Roll Here, We're Just Gonna Get Right Into It!
(It's no secret... The results are already up!)

Based on the votes you tallied (aka "Likes") at the Holiday Greeting Card Album, the results are as follows:

1st Prize - Lisa Martin with her Muir "Power Wings" Snowflake Shadow Card!
Lisa will soon be receiving everything listed on her wish list! (Lots of good stuff, but we'll let here reveal what it is if she would like to do so herself.)

2nd Prize - Stephen 'BoardWalk' Lam with his "Reason For The Steezin'" Greeting Card!
Stephen will be receiving a Gravity Makai Complete Longboard for his Steezin' escapades.

3rd Prize goes to Charlie Solidum with his rendition of Santa's Boardbuilding Practices!
Charlie is going to get his hands on a set of Orangatang wheels of his choice.


Big thanks to everyone who sent us their greeting cards and holiday wishes! May your and yours have a warm and fuzzy holiday season and a radtastic new year!
(Keep your eyes peeled for our next contest coming up in the beginning of the new year.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just wanna say, CONGRATS LISA!

Heh, you should send Stephen a greeting card! He told me to stop asking my friends for help "so she could win the indubitably sick gear on her wishlist."