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December 16, 2010

Announcing the Winner of the Tricks For Treats Video Contest!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for the winning submission for the first ever Tricks For Treats Video Contest!

After much deliberation, thumb wrestling, yelling wars,  and deep philosophical discussions, we have arrived at our conclusion!

We are stoked to present to you 2 minutes & 14 seconds of longboarding fun contained in Stronger, Faster, Like Your Mama coming to us from MikeAltenhofen:

Congratulations to Mike and crew! And big high fives to everyone who entered! We were very impressed with the number of tricks everyone was able to pull off. (Secret Time: Duke is the only one of us who is able to execute all 20! Seth's close, but that Switch ToeSide Standy is killer!)
Check your mail after the Holiday Season for all the goodies you've earned!

Entrants: If you haven't given us your shipping address yet, please do so via our YouTube Account! And if you have already and just want to make sure we've got it, just send it again! 

For anyone not already familiar with the contest, just know that Mike and Crew are getting hooked up with the Grand Prize: Two Complete Sector 9 Longboards (Sector 9's Super Shaka Longboard and Sector 9's Downhill Division "Lacey" Longboard and $100 Cash Money straight from the wallet of Khiro Skateboard Products to buy as many cheeseburgers as they can fit into an X-Large Protec Helmet. All entrants will be receiving prize packs based on the number of tricks completed from the "Trick List"

Here's the contest announcement video if you haven't seen it yet!

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Anonymous said...

sik! i like this one.