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March 15, 2011 presents "The Main Event" - A Nationwide Longboarding Event Sponsorship Contest (Whew! Lotsa words there...)

Applications Due by June 1st!

Fresh spring weather and sunshine have us all in the skating mood and thinking about the many upcoming contests we want to attend. Not only that, but we also have to decide which events we want to sponsor! For that reason, we have devised the “Main Event” Event Sponsorship Contest. Read through this post for all the details!

General Overview:

The crew is looking to support three (3) “local” events across the U.S. in the early summer months. All three of these events will receive goodies and prizes to give away at their events, but one event in particular will receive an extra special something. This “Main Event” is where the real fun happens. For this event, two MuirSkaters (Duke and Seth) will be hand delivering the goodies and prizes along with the help of some other special guests. They’ll also be there to help out with the event proceedings and serve as judges, if necessary. (Sure, they could ride, too! But that would be up to the riders and the event committee.)

The Contest:

As it turns out, there are a lot of rad contests going on all across the country! And many of them are coming to us for sponsorship. It’s tough to choose between them, so we’re asking for some assistance from you guys and gals in the longboarding community! We will be taking applications for events and we will post our top 10 favorite events to for a community vote. The three events with the most people “attending” will receive sponsorship. The team will then deliberate and discuss the top 3 events over an extravagant dinner feast in order to decide which event will be the “Main Event”! (No, you won’t have to change the name of your event if you win.)

In-Depth Stuff - Main Event Details:

We’re looking to spread the stoke and maybe even collaborate and assist in the development of an event, but certainly not take it over. While we look over the applications, we want to see what you dudes and dudettes are brainstorming for your event. If there’s something we can do to help out, cool! If not, that’s cool, too. Maybe you guys just want some products to give away... Maybe you really want “celebrity judges” to boost the stoke... Maybe there’s some big logs in the middle of your favorite road that you need Duke to move using only his left hand while Seth rescues cats from the nearby trees and powerlines after crafting those same logs into a 15 foot ladder... Maybe you just need a bit of help developing the course so it maximizes the gnar factor... Whatever it is, we’re going to figure out what we can do to help!
Because we’re booking flights and so on, we have to have a good head-start on the event date to ensure that we can get our crew to the event. The “Main Event” (and the second and third place events) can take place ANY DATE ON OR AFTER the weekend of June 18th up until September 31st.

Steps to Follow! The Application Procedure:
To be sure your entry is eligible for the “Main Event” contest, you must complete the following steps:

(1) Download the “Event Sponsorship Application” and gather the crew!
(Available starting March 17th)
(2) Fill out the application
(Must be saved in ‘.doc’ or ‘.rtf’ format)
(3) Take some time to create your event flyer!
(5MB or smaller. gif, jpg, png preferred)
(4) Email both files to:
(5) Cross your fingers, tentacles, and toes and wait for the results!
(We’ll email you to let you know if your event was selected for the Top 10)

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