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June 28, 2011

Sticker Design Contest Winner Announcement

It's been a wild and fun several days since the Sticker Design Contest has come to an end. We've been busy building and shipping custom completes, filming for the Double Dervish video, and holding numerous board meetings for a little bit of R&D. Considering all of that, we'd like to think that we're just "fashionably late" with the results... Anywho, here we go!

We're all aware of the insane number of votes tied to our "Most Likes" winner. (Currently it's above 800, but as of the end of the contest it was at slightly over 700 in Likes)

Kudos to you Mr. Ricardo Colmenares Arias!
(We'll be in contact with you shortly... Seriously, though, this time around. We'll make it quick.)

Selecting the winning sticker for "Muir's Choice" seems to have been the most difficult thing we've done lately. (And that's saying something since we've all been working on our Switch Toeside Standeez for the last two weeks...) No more waiting, here it is:

Kudos to you Mr. Michael Carson!
(We'll be in contact with you shortly... Seriously, though, this time around. We'll make it quick.)

Both winning designs will receive an Earthwing SuperModel Complete for their winning efforts.
Congrats to the two of you and a big thanks to everyone who took the time to submit their entries!

There were roughly 150+ entries for our first Sticker Design Contest! If you think you've got another idea, or would like to enhance your submission, hold on to it! We'll hold another one in the future, so you've got another shot.

There were also a large amount of detailed designs that we're bummed we couldn't select as the winners for the Sticker Design Contest. Keep those designs around, too! We may have just the perfect contest coming up for that in the near future.

Happy riding!

The Crew

June 11, 2011

Main Event Announcement: Pack your bags, Seth & Duke! We're going to...

We received a solid group of entries for the first ever Main Event: Longboarding Event Sponsorship Contest. Due to the awesome amount of stoke we're feeling from these submissions, we're pumped to announce all entries will be receiving some swag for their event! 
(That being said, we still have to pick a "Top 3", and here's where we do that.)

The 2011 "Main Event" will be:
Looks like Seth and Duke (and other guests) will be flying up to Eugene, Oregon to attend the: 

BOOMTOWN Freeride Series - "Part 2: Moon Mountain"
(Hi, Ross Druckrey!)

Our two runner-up events are going to receive a large bunch of goodies for their event, too!

"The Quick and The Shred" (Hi, Zakary Mayall!)

"Island Cruise 2011" (Hi, Jeremy & Marquette Informal Longboarding Foundation!)

And while we're at it, we've got three more events that will be receiving swag to give away and to award to competitors!

ABQ's 2nd Annual "Skate Swap and Sock Drive"
(Hi, Chris Cade!)

"Wanna Ride?"

(Hi, Alex Jones!)

SD Chain Gang presents "Best of the Beach"

 (Hi, Matthew Paris!)

High-fives to all of our entries! Everyone's gettin' hooked up. It takes a lot of work to get a good event going, and you all seem to have what it takes to make it happen! We will be in contact with all of you via email within the next few days to confirm shipment of the goodies. Happy riding!

The Crew at