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July 19, 2011

Attn. Locals and Neighbors: THREE Yard Sales on the Horizon!

We're at it again, and this time we're going to make it a three-peat. We'll be holding a Yard Sale at our house of wares during the next three months (July, Aug, Sept) on the fourth Saturday (and following Sunday). This gives you three opportunities to collect the change from your couch cushions and/or pull the money out of your savings account and set sail for San Diego!

Here are the dates:
July 23 & 24
August 27 & 28
September 24 & 25

The flyer/photo says it all, but if you've got a question that's not answered within those 1033×1447 pixels , send it our way on Facebook! (Sure, you could send an email, too, but we always seem to be on Facebook... Don't tell Scott!)

Warehouse location:
7847 Dunbrook Rd Ste B
Sna Diego, CA 92126

July 12, 2011

Our Next Contest: The Shirt Stencil Contest! [Facebook Contests]

Do you like to make stencils and/or cut designs into your grip tape? Do your classmates and/or friends get lightheaded when they hang out with you because you reek of spraypaint? Do you always seem to have a multi-colored index finger? Does your Residence Hall Advisor yell at you because the entire building ends up smelling like spray paint even when you spray your designs outside but then the wind blows the smell back in and you swear that you weren't spray painting your boards inside the building but then she says "I'm not an idiot, Seth. I saw you in the common area with a cloud of paint dust around you!" Are you the next Thierry Guetta? Or possibly even the next Banksy?

If you answered "Yes!", "Maybe...", "No", "What?" or "Who?" to any of these questions, then this contest is most certainly for you!

We're looking for the raddest MuirSkate and/or longboarding related stencil that we can spray on a box of shirts. Our favorite stencil designs (somewhere between 8-12) will be posted to an album on our Facebook page for the community to decide which stencil is the best. The winning stencil will earn its creator a complete Sector 9 Downhill Division Natasha  Longboard.

Grab your X-Acto knives, an adult (if you're a youngin'), some quality stencil cutting materials, a large envelope and send your stencils our way! Here are the technical guidelines:

Technical Guidelines!
(1) If you're a youngin', please have an Adult or Guardian help you cut your stencil.
(2) Choose your stencil material wisely! (Although cardstock is easy to cut, it won't last very long!)
(Good Examples:
(3) Send your stencil our way in a well-supported envelope/package. It's not our fault if your stencil is ripped, creased, or rendered unusable in transit.
(4) Send your stencil READY-TO-SPRAY. We're not going to cut out your design for you!
(5) The size is up to you, but it'd be cool if the design is roughly 8"x 8" with some extra space around the edge to hold it.
(6) Feel free to ask questions at our Facebook page!

Send your beautifully cut (and well packaged) stencil(s) (Yes, as many as you care to make!) to our warehouse by August 20th, 2011:
Muir Skate Longboard Shop
7847 Dunbrook Road Suite B
San Diego, CA 92126

Apologies to our international friends, but this contest is available to US residents only.