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August 4, 2011

New Stuff: Fullbag Skateboards are now available at [Products]

Already well-known for their dominating slalom presence,
Fullbag Skateboards is more than ready to dominate the downhill and freeride scene.
We're more than stoked to announce the presence of Fullbag longboard skateboard decks on our shelves and on our online store! If you aren't familiar with their shapes or style — fear not! That's what we're here for. (We weren't too familiar with them until somewhat recently, either.) Of their wide array of deck designs, we've selected several that we feel offer a good range of the disciplines that we enjoy the most: Downhill Freeride, High Speed Downhill and Aggressive Carving.

All the Fullbag longboard decks in our online store feature what we consider to be "the good stuff" for the previously mentioned disciplines: gratuitous concave, sharp rails, aggressive wheel wells, universal dropthroughs and sturdy construction. Enough text. How about some photographic evidence?

Obligatory concave shot. (Gratuitous concave is featured on all Fullbag decks!)
This shot is representative of the TM-39 but can also be referenced for the FĂ´boo, TM-37 & "le 62".

The Royal Flush features a similar level of aggression in its concave,
but gets nearly maniacal at the ends of the standing platform.

Universal flush mount system ensures your favorite trucks won't miss out on the fun. 

Universal drop-throughs also ensure your favorite trucks won't miss out on the fun.
(Unless your trucks are drilled new-school... Sorry Indy fans!)

Quality manufacturing combined with knowledgeable design gives fantastic results.
I feel like it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: These decks look sick and perform exactly so! Scott won't stop talking about the TM-37 & TM-39 and Seth can't seem to get his hands away from the Royal Flush. Odds are we'll have some video evidence of their performance in the near future, so stay tuned. Check out all the Fluubag Longboard Skateboard Decks at the Fullbag brand page at

If you've got questions or comments about a Fullbag longboard deck in particular, let us know!
Throw it up in the comments section down below or jump over to our Facebook page.

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