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August 5, 2011

More New Stuff: Rotule Longboards now on our shelves!

Yet another big day in the world of inventory: Rotule Longboards are now gracing us with their presence!
It's been more than a few months since we were introduced to the guys over at Rotule Longboards and we are still impressed by the quality of their boards. As soon as we got to know them and began chatting it up about their deck construction, we realized just how serious these guys are about their craft. Sure driving many thousands of miles in a car that doesn't seem like it could get up the coast and back certainly serves as evidence enough of an extreme dedication, but the quality of each board speaks for itself. Not only do their most recent creations feature such lovely details as an exposed fiber weave, a cherry wood veneer, and double carbon fiber layering, but each board is beautifully designed to be chock full of concave and aggressive wood bending to give you the exact right mold to lock you in to your standups and predrifts.

It didn't take very long before we were taking our own Speed Karrot out for a test run down a local favorite. Right away we could appreciate the maneuverability given by the massive concave and the stability given by the drop platform. We had it set up with 195mm Paris Trucks and some Yellow Orangatang 4Presidents and we took this board down through the ringer many times over. Multiple sessions on "Big Booty" and repeatedly slamming the board into curbs did very little damage to the board over all. Like I said, we were impressed and we still are. Anyway, on to the photos!

If you don't set up your board to be fully symmetrical, a nicely centered logo won't
really help remind you that you're riding it backwards. But it still looks alright to me!
By the looks of this drop, you'd think this board was hot...
Just a small glimpse into the 3D concave on the Rotule Desert Eagle.
In order to appreciate it fully, you may want to put this on your holiday wish list... Now.
A lovely fiber weave rises from the desert skyline as if to say,
"Hey. Hi. Hello there. Ride me."
The Rotule Speed Karrot also feature the lovely exposed fiber weave graphic,
this time in the form of Bugs Bunny's favorite snack:
A missile wearing a crown shooting leafy flames from its tail.
A little closer... If this board wasn't so ridiculously fun to ride down hill,
I would certainly be hanging it on my wall to impress my friends with my amazing style sense.

Check out both boards and recommended components here:
Rotule Speed Karrot Longboard Skateboard
Rotule Desert Eagle Longboard Skateboard

If you've already got some experience with a Rotule deck and would like to chime in and let us know what you think, do so at Muir Skate's Facebook Page
If you've got a question about either, head that way, too!


Sani said...

Great review! I've had a GoPed KnowPed for about a year which I enjoyed. It's big and sturdy and works very well in the streets of Taipei where I visit often. I jus ordered myself a Roma, and very much look forward to it.

Raul C. Williams said...

Great idea, you awesome :D