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August 2, 2011

MuirSkate's Main Event(s) - An Update!

A few weeks have gone by since we've selected the winners for our Main Event contest and we've got (nearly) everything settled. At our last meeting, we mentioned that we'd be throwing some support to the Boomtown Freeride Event Part 2: Moon Mountain. That is not quite the case since that event was very quick to follow our decision, so we switched it up a bit: We're going to be making an appearance at Part 3 of the BoomTown Freeride Series on August 20th!

Click the link for the Facebook Event Page and be sure to hit "Attend" to be notified of all the happenings.

The 2011 "Main Event" will be:
Looks like Seth and Duke (and Scott and Jimmy) will be flying up to Eugene, Oregon to attend the: 

Our two runner-up events are going to receive a large bunch of goodies for their event, too!

"The Quick and The Shred" (Hi, Zakary Mayall!)

Seeing how close this event is to our National Headquarters, it would seem as though we have no excuse but to make an appearance. If only we could say the same about the following event.

"Island Cruise 2011" (Hi, Jeremy & Marquette Informal Longboarding Foundation!)

May your steeze be hotter than your summer.

The Crew at

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