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November 18, 2011

Earthwing's 2012 SuperModels Have Landed! [This Just In]

We have just received the first shipment of the 2012 Earthwing SuperModels! (Notice I did not say "our first shipment"... I'm talkin' about the first shipment. Woo!) 

For the year 2012, Earthwing has created four versions of the SuperModel to grab your attention, get your toes a-twitchin', and make your wallets wiggle in your pockets. (Good thing they're all coming in at under $100 per deck!) As you see above, there are three drop through models: two 40" in 8 & 9 plies of top notch maple, and one at 38" in 8 plies of the good wood. But, wait, what about the one without the cutout? Is that — No, it couldn't be... Yes! It is! It is a drop platform SuperModel measuring in a 40" by 10" and 9 plies thick.

Here we see the shoulder of the drop platform SuperModel. Notice the foot notch on the left and the routered channels to the bottom right. The foot notch will help keep your feet from moving down the rail during a slide and the routered channel serves as a convenient early grab support brace for all you launch ramp fanatics out there. All four version of the SuperModel feature these same details along with the rad-nasty intestinal Earthwing graphic. 

"The drop!" you say. "Show me the drop!" Ok, fine. Here you go! As you'll see it's there, but it's not enough to stop you from flipping those 360 shove-its with ease. The placement of the drop and the low angle involved give the ends a feeling of rocker without actually having it present. (This helps keep your knees in alignment... You know, for when you get old and stuff. Unless you already are... Then it's just good in general!)

And here we have the concave shot. As is mentioned at the Earthwing site, "There is a deep elliptical concave that is deeper near the trucks". This concave gives a really locked in feeling, and because it's gradual (and doesn't change dramatically at any point) it will be a great choice for riders of all shoe sizes.

And last, but certainly not least, the nose has been extended for the drop through versions of the 2012 SuperModel. This may not matter much to some of you reading this, but for those of us who enjoy trying to manual our entire parking lot, this is kind of a big deal. Not only does this change mean easier to manage manuals, but the wheelbase has become slightly shorter, too, giving the board a more responsive feel than the older models.

Alright, that's it for the photos! If you've got some questions about setups (As far as we know, the 2012 SuperModels still accept the same configurations as previous models) or other specs not mentioned here, click over to our Facebook page! We're always on there clicking around, answering questions and discussing gear. 

Happy Skating!
- The Crew

November 15, 2011

Holiday Card Contest! Time to get crafty... [Updated]

The 2011 holiday season is upon us. This can only mean one thing! Ok, fine, so it really can mean a number of things... But, c'mon, I'm only typing this for one of those reasons... It's time for a (longboarding themed) Holiday Card Contest!

We are looking for your best homemade holiday card for whichever wintry event you choose to honor. We want to see your best work in the form of Christmas Cards, Chanukah Cards, Kwanzaa Cards, Ramadan Cards, Thanksgiving Hand Turkeys, Winter Solstice Moons, New Years Hats, Boxing Day Tests, and Wintersday Drops! Send whatever you want to create however you would like to create it. Sure, it's called a "card" contest, but we'll accept pretty much any other crafty items (snowflakes, etc) as acceptable submissions as well.

The crew will select one Grand Prize Winner and one Runner-Up from all the submissions. The winners will be announced once we're finished shipping orders on December 19th.  
  • Runner-Up will receive a MuirSkate × Landyachtz "Twelve Two Five" Longboard Deck
  • Grand Prize will receive a $500 MuirSkate Credit to use however he or she pleases.
The only requirements for the contest are (1) make it longboarding themed and (2) use the "Wings" logo somewhere on your card. (This way we know you're making for us and not just buying it from Hallmark.)

We will be posting submissions to our Facebook page as they come in once they're all in so you'll know that we've received yours. (Although it won't be a community vote this time.) Feel free to "like" and share whichever submissions you choose, but the winners will ultimately be decided by the MuirSkate crew.

This contest is open to residents of the US, Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico.

Mail your entries in to the Headquarters in sunny San Diego: Holiday Card Contest
7847 Dunbrook Rd, Suite B
San Diego, CA 92126 

Card submissions are due to our headquarters no later than 5pm on Saturday December 17th, 2011.
No submissions will be accepted via email or through our Facebook page... Mail them in or deliver them by hand! (We want to hang them above our fireplace.)

November Yard Sale: This Weekend!

We'll be holding a Yard Sale at our San Diego Headquarters this weekend (November 19th & 20th). This gives you two opportunities to collect the change from your couch cushions and/or pull the money out of your savings account and set sail for San Diego!

The sale is this weekend (November 19th & 20th) and will last from 12-5pm each day.

The flyer/photo says it all, but if you've got a question that's not answered within those 1033×1447 pixels, send it our way on Facebook! (Sure, you could send an email, too, but we always seem to be on Facebook... Don't tell Scott!) Headquarters:
7847 Dunbrook Rd., Ste B
San Diego, CA 92126