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April 25, 2012

Downhill Disco 2012 Results

We recently wrapped up the 2012 Downhill Disco Freeride-Inspired Cones Race. The event ended up being spread like butter over two days due to the inclement weather, but we all had a blast throwing long slides and hitting the four foot high kicker into puddles of rainwater while we waited for the storm clouds to do their thing. Day two brought about a large amount of sunshine and we re-set the course to get the main show started.

After nearly 8 hours of riding, the cones race(s) wrapped up and we had found our winners. The results are as follows.

Cones Race Results

Open Division
  1. Cameron Cozza
  2. Philip Crow
  3. Trevor Knox
Expert Division
  1. Jimmy Riha
  2. Duke Degen
  3. Brian Bishop
Freeride Slide Jam Results

Grom Division
  1. Jasper Ohlson
  2. Charlie Rouse & Nathan Blain
  3. Josh Seemann & Rex (What's your last name, Rex?!)
Open Division
  1. Jackson Wells
  2. Aaron Enns
  3. Landon Beutler
Longest Jump Off the "Marshall Kicker" 
Winner - Ross Druckrey at 21.6'

Longest Slide In The Rain
Winner - Daniel Luna at (the handwriting is scribbly but it looks like) over 9000'
We would like to extend a big thank you to our supporting sponsors! (There are nearly too many to list here, so we've included them in the above image.) A lagre man-hug goes out to Marcus and the Wheelbase Magazine crew for providing coverage of the event! Here's that recap and rad photos!

Check out the event page on Facebook for some more recap info!

Here's a video provided by Cody Shea from Five Mile Longboards!

We'll see you next year!


Anonymous said...

What was the top 10 cones?

jjstar said...

How old was the Grom Division for?
What age through what age?

Anonymous said...


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