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May 18, 2012

Summer Time Yard Sale!

We're back with another Yard Sale to kick off the summer months!
For those of you willing to make the journey out to our shipping headquarters in San Diego, you'll be treated to a 15% discount on whatever items you decide to purchase! (Except for "less-than-perfect" decks... Those are already discounted!)
If you're looking to get a complete with a "less-than-perfect" deck, you'll still be getting 15% off the trucks & wheels, along with a free set of Bones Reds Bearings and free Khiro hardware to hold it all together.

The Yard Sale will last from 12-5pm each day and will take place at the shipping headquarters in the Miramar Area. The address is as follows:

7847 Dunbrook Rd, Suite B
San Diego, CA 92109

We will see you there, or we will see you at another time!