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November 30, 2012

The Holiday Greeting Card Contest Has Returned!

Greetings longboard aficionados,
We are pleased to announce we will be running our Holiday Greeting Card Contest for another round this season! We're looking for the most clever/humorous/creative/well-crafted longboard-related holiday greeting cards on this side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Let's get right to it! Here are the guidelines:

1. Submit an awesome homemade card! No off-the-shelf stuff here, please. (Multiple submissions are fine, but don't get too carried away.)
2. Entries must be no larger than 24"in any direction. ("Non-card" objects are fine, but don't expect to see them again after the contest is over.)
3. Entries must include the MuirSkate "wings" logo (the 'M') somewhere in the design. (Find it here.)
4. Entries must be MAILED IN and received at HQ no later than December 18th at 5pm.
MuirSkate HQ
Attn: Greeting Card Elf
7847 Dunbrook Rd, Suite B
San Diego, CA 92126
5. The contest is open to the countries we currently ship to: US, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Now for the fun stuff:
Three winners will be chosen! By us? Kind of. Not entirely.
We'll select our top 10 favorite entries and post them to a Facebook album to let the fans of MuirSkate decide!
The three entries with the most likes on the evening of Sunday, December 23rd will be dubbed the winners.

The first place card (aka "le Grand Prize" aka "the one with the most likes") will receive a Sector 9 Downhill Division Complete (Your choice! [No, not Ginger.] Your choice for components, too. Don't worry, we'll discuss via email), Sector 9 Driver Gloves, The 187 Pro Skate Helmet, and (of course) a MuirSkate t-shirt and stickers.

The second place card will receive a set of PrettyNoiseLab's (aka PNL) "Strummer" Precision Trucks.

The third place card will receive a Palisades Hornet Downhill Skateboard Deck.

And now's the time to get started with those cards!
If you've got any questions about the contest, feel free to give us a holla via our Facebook Page.
If something changes, we'll post here (and on Facebook) with the update.

Happy skating!
 - The Crew at Muirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Unknown said...

Can we re-use cards from last year? I still have mine that I made that didnt make the cut and I still think its totally awesome. is it even worth sending?

Seth said...

Hey Lars! Sure. Go for it!
- Seth at Muirrrrrrr

Unknown said...

can we email it

Seth said...

Hey Gage,
Nope. Mail it in please.

Anonymous said...

I live 20 minutes away from muirskate in san diego ,so can I Drop the card off there? Also can i print the logo or anything to glue onto the card?

Anonymous said...

Should we write our name or anything on the card?

Ernest Evans said...

I miss my chance to submit my work in this contest. Well, I'm just hoping that there will be another contest this year.