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November 8, 2013

Rayne Longboards x MuirSkate Longboard Shop Deck Graphic Contest - "The Muiracle"

We've partnered up with Rayne Longboards to bring you a graphic contest with some sweet prizes and us a new graphic for our newest collaboration deck, The Muiracle! It's a new pool/tech-slide/shralpster shape coming from Rayne and is guaranteed to be the dopest dopesauce you never seen! (Unless you've already seen it, of course... In which case, you already know how dope it is, so why are you even reading this? Read on for more details, Picasso!)

The Contest:
Put your skills to the test to show us who's the best! Make the graphic for The Muiracle, stick your tongue out at the rest! The Rayne and MuirSkate logos must be present. Other than that, you're free to use your creationary skills! (see below for technical guidelines)

When you're all finished, email your submission to with the phrase "Muiracle Graphic Contest" in the Subject line. With the help of the Rayne crew, we'll be selecting our five favorites for the public to vote on via Facebook 'likes'. After a week of voting, we'll have our winner! There'll be a second and third place, too! (See below)

Submissions are due by the end of the day on November 21st, 2013.

The Prizes:
We'll be giving out three prizes for the top three graphics.
First Place -"The Muiracle" Complete - First deck of the batch
Second Place - "The Muiracle" Deck - Second of the batch
Third Place - Contest prize package (Mix/Match of Muir/Rayne gear)
More Details:
Below, you'll see a link to the template to help you lay out your graphic. Download it right now and start slangin' that digital paintbrush! Note: If you're gonna make use of some text, it'd be best if you kept it to the middle of the board, since some of the outer region will be sliced off during production.

Technical Guidelines:
  • 33 L x 10 W plus a 2" bleed... Do 35" x 12" to be safe.
  • 300 dpi 
  • .AI or .PSD
  • COLOR SEPARATED LAYERS (If you're like WTF, Google it.)
  • Specify white or clear glass! (White as a color will only appear with white glass. White glass will show no wood grain at all through the graphic. color will be slightly distorted on clear glass due to opacity of glass and wood. Darker colors have more opacity. We require color separated layers in part to tweak colors for production to reflect art desires. If we want near perfect representations of digital art, then white is required and, again, no wood will be shown.)
(Click 'File' > 'Download')

Submissions are due by the end of the day on November 21st, 2013.
(Don't forget!)

Sick! Rad! MEGA-UBER-Awesome! What are you waiting for? GOOOOO! Create some artwork!

If you have any more questions, you can hit us up via email or on our Facebook page.

April 16, 2013

Race Results from the Muir Skate 2013 Downhill Disco

This weekend, we played host to the 2013 Downhill Disco, our most popular event of all time. Hundreds of skaters of all ages came out to shred the hill and poke the stoke. We're seeing videos and pictures going up all over the place, with plenty more to come. Have you seen Wheelbase Mag's photo article? That's right. Keep your eyes on the intertubes, because we've got a feeling there's a lot more media coverage coming.

On Sunday, we held our classic Cones Course Race, through slaloms and over the freeride ramps. TimeShip Racing brought out their laser-accurate timing system, which proved priceless for capturing the crazy speed. Here are the official results of the 2013 Downhill Disco Cones Course Race.

Timing provided by TimeShip Racing

Groms Division

136.33Jasper Ohlson
236.71Sam Mitchell
339.43Preston Fisk
441.91Greg Paprowski
5DQSam Burrow

Open Class

130.92William Royce
231.37Jimmy Riha
332.05Louis Pilloni
432.81Brandon Tissen
533.24Brian Bishop
633.27Tyler Howell
733.43Brett Ciabattini
833.57Aaron Enns
933.67Daniel Luna
1033.69Cameron Cozza
1133.84Will Stephan
1233.86Ross Druckrey
1334.01Chance Gaul
1434.41Dave Tannaci
1534.50Jasper Ohlson
1634.51Aaron Grulich
1734.68James West
1834.82Michael Carson
1934.96John Bridenbeck
2035.23Phillip Crow
2135.58Scott Lembach
2235.61Steven Vaughn
2335.99Liam Morgan
2436.05Daniel Gonzalez
2536.09Martin Carmody
2636.32Nick Ronzani
2736.45Landon Butler
2836.60Ryan Ricker
2936.61Taylor Martin
3037.14Andrew Schumaker
3137.26Elijah Vinograd
3237.40Michael Hinze
3337.62Austin Grist
3439.33Duke Degen
3539.52John Soquist
3640.36Sean Minor
3740.68Matt Peckson
3840.73Cameron Ohlson
3944.13Jesus Jenorimo
4045.40Carmen Sutra
4148.29Sean Wilkinson
4253.58Tiger Lily

TimeShip Tight Slalom Challenge

3 riders beat the TimeShip Teams times and won a set of gloves!
Patrick Lehrman
Oshean Lehrman
Orion Lehrman

And as always, a huge thank you to all of our sponsors. Now go out there and skate!!!