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November 15, 2016

MuirSkate's "Final Exam" — Winter 2016

MuirSkate "Final Exam" Contest Details

Students of steeze: Here's how you could win a brand new complete longboard skateboard! Take our "Final Exam" and mail in a Scantron for grading and a chance to win one of (3) of our new MuirSkate "Mini Dino" Completes!

In case that's not descriptive enough for you, here's a step-by-step process for winning a new complete longboard skateboard!

Step 1
Fantasize about your new board!

Step 2
Buy a Scantron. (Not sure where to get one? Try a college bookstore! Or any bookstore!)

Step 3
Locate the PDF featuring our 25 Final Exam Questions!
(Hint: Click the link above!)
((Double-Hint: Print the PDF for authentic test-taking vibes!))

Step 4
Do your research (via our YouTube channel, Instagram account, our blog, etc…) and fill in your Scantron with the appropriate answers!

Step 5
Mail us your completed Scantron, and if you get all the answers right then you're entered to win! (See full details in the PDF linked via Step 3!)

Mail your completed Scantron here:
Final Exam c/o MuirSkate
8601 Production Ave,
San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Don't procrastinate!
Entries must be received by December 18th, 2016 at 11:59pm!

If you have a mailing address inside the United States, you can enter the MuirSkate Final Exam Contest. All contest prizes will STRICTLY be mailed to an address located in the USA. If you are located outside the USA, you must provide an address to a local freight forwarder, friend, or family member.  

Email us!