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November 29, 2018

Muiry-Xmas Holiday Card Contest


Christmas only comes once a year, and yes we become a bit overzealous at Muirskate!  There’s no hiding it, we love Christmas! Let’s spread the cheer to end the year! We are stoked to announce that we have teamed up with Liam Morgan, Prism Skateboards, Caliber Trucks, and BloodOrange for our Annual Holiday Card Contest!

Here’s how the fun works:

We’ve been watching Liam Morgan riding longboards since he was a little boy.  We are excited to feature Liam in our Annual Holiday Card Contest. It should be easy find an image of Liam Morgan on, in Google Images,  on Youtube, in a magazine, under a rock, etc! We thought it would be fun if you could copy and paste Liam, draw Liam, paint Liam, animate Liam, create a collage of Liam,  color Liam, digitize Liam, Photoshop Liam, Illustrate Liam, make a costume of Liam, or just put Liam in Christmas setting! Don’t forget that this is a Christmas Card, so please include your list of things longboarding that are valued at $250 from!   If you get confused, have a look at El Beasto’s holiday card to Santa on our Muirskate Instagram page.   Can you top that?!

Five winners will be selected and announced on December 24th after 5pm PST  

Prizes you could win:

  • 5th Place  Win a pair of 184mm Caliber Satin Cast Trucks
  • 4th Place Win your choice of 3 sets of BloodOrange Morgan Wheels
  • 3rd Place Win a pair of BamBam Slide Gloves and Sparky Slide Pucks
  • 2nd Place Win a $250 Muirskate Gift Certificate (Submit your wish list with your entry)
  • 1st Place Grand Prize:  Win a Prism Theory Custom Complete signed by Liam Morgan

There are a few contest rules,  but don’t worry, the rules are just guides to help you submit your entry before December 24!

How to enter:

1. To qualify to win Liam’s Prism Theory complete,  we must receive a physical submission (Christmas Card) at our Muirskate Headquarters on or before December 24th!
Muirskate X Morgan Holiday Card Contest - 7919 Silverton Ave, Ste 407 -San Diego, CA 92126
That means you must mail the Christmas Card, or hand deliver your entry at our warehouse. No instagram submission necessary to win Liam’s Prism Theory Complete.
Shipping Methods:
USPS First Class costs $3.00!  Mailing time is generally 3-8 business days.
USPS Priority 2-3 Day costs $6.00.
USPS Priority International can take up to 15 business days,
but that can be very expensive.

2. To qualify to win 2nd, 3rd, 4th,and 5th place prizes,  you must post your submission on Instagram, and please hashtag #2018Muiryxmas.  Arrange as many images as you like or just one, and upload your project to Instagram.  Please be sure to hashtag #2018muiryxmas. Again, and be sure to hashtag #2018muiryxmas. Again,  and be sure to hashtag #2018muiryxmas…
3. Your submission must include an image of Liam Morgan!  If you should decide to draw or paint Liam by hand, don’t worry,  we know what he should look like!! Do your best if you are artistically challenged.
4. Submit as many entries as you like!! The more the better!
5. The contest is open to the world!!   That’s right! Globalization does have its benefits!   

Good Luck!

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